Food Notes for October 5, 2009

Mack and I damn near froze to death at the penultimate City Centre Market day on Saturday. We decided to walk, which was actually not too bad, but by the time we got there, the wind picked up. We bought our groceries as fast as we could and left, but the poor vendors had no choice but to stay! Anyway, this coming Saturday is the last day of the City Market for the year – though I know there are other year round markets, it’s my favourite, and I’ll be stocking up as much as I can!

  • Foodie Suz gets the quick draw review award – she visited the new Edmonton location of Cora just three hours after it opened.
  • Liane sampled some of the menu items on Hardware Grill’s new lunch menu this week, and also wrote about two vegan restaurants – Refresh and Misella Delite in Stony Plain.
  • Isabelle from The Little Red Kitchen will be reviewing restaurants every two weeks on CBC radio! She is actively seeking recommendations by e-mail.
  • Vue had a piece about Cake Couture’s Annie Dam last week.
  • Workshop West’s upcoming show The Seed Savers sounds like a worthwhile production to take in. The premise: “Mindy and Joe have spent fifty years on their farm, their family and each other, but when genetically-modified canola gets into their prized crop, much more is at risk than the ancient right of farmers to sow their own seed.” The show runs October 30-November 8.
  • I read about Localicious, a two week-long World Wildlife Federation venture to promote local foods with restaurant specials taking place in select Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and Calgary. Why not Edmonton? I would think there are enough restaurants serving local food here that would be happy to participate.
  • The Globe & Mail had an article on the national green-washing trend, which the majority of local food advocates interviewed for the piece support.
  • Via Eat. Drink. Better., a calculator by an American organic company that lets consumers see how much synthetic nitrogen, herbicides and pesticides they would prevent by choosing their organic dairy products. An interesting way of getting the point across.
  • After 68 years, Conde Nast is pulling the plug on Gourmet Magazine. I’ve been reading stories over the last few months about the possibility of either Gourmet or Bon Appetit, so it’s not really a surprise. I’m still a little sad though.
  • The reviews of Starbucks’ instant coffee, VIA, have been lukewarm. I actually haven’t tried it yet – Mack has, and said he could have done without the sludge-like residue at the bottom and near the top of his mug.
  • The FTC ruled that bloggers must disclose any freebies (when posting reviews, etc.) – I had no idea they were even considering this as an area of possible regulation.
  • Mack sent me a short piece about the seemingly common disorder of food aversion (one man has apparently subsisted on cheese since birth).
  • Annie and I refuelled on an indulgent cinnamon bun from CinnZeo (which should really be called Sin-Zeo) at Kingsway last week. And yet, at $4.25, it was worth every icing smothered bite. Yum.


Cinnamon Bun from CinnZeo

  • Mack’s Mum was in town this weekend, and we met up with her, and Mack’s siblings at Cactus Club for dinner before a double feature of Toy Story 1 & 2 in 3D. We sat out on the patio, enclosed and heated in cool weather, which is really a great maximization of the space. My butternut squash ravioli ($17) was a lovely dish to have in the fall, and Mack enjoyed his cajun chicken burger ($12.50). Patti and Thom liked their pesto chicken quesadilla ($10) too. It was good to see everybody!


Enclosed Cactus Club patio


Cajun Chicken Burger


Pesto Chicken Quesadilla

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