Post #1000

It’s almost hard to believe this is my thousandth post. For a blog that started as an online means of recording my random musings, it has ended up becoming a celebration of food.

More than anything, I love that I have this web document of my descent into food – slowly but surely finding my way around the kitchen; stumbling into farmers’ markets and learning more about area producers and food security; and of course, discovering restaurant gems.

So though I’d be hard pressed to pick favourites, here are a few posts from the past thousand that remind me why I am glad to be a blogger – even though my memory might fade, I have access to entries that capture some of the magic of my experiences:

Thanks for reading!

17 thoughts on “Post #1000

  1. Congrats Sharon! I certainly enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know what’s happening in town. 🙂

  2. Congratulations indeed. You’ve always provided great information, entertainment and inspiration for locals and visitors alike. I look forward to the next 1000!!!!

  3. Thanks for the blog! I’ve learned so much about what Edmonton has to offer in the food and culture scene… Congrats!

  4. Kudos from me too!

    And on a side note, just returned from a weekender in Calgary and had a super-duper dinner at the 360 Resto atop the Calgary Tower. Beef tenderloin was delish! Chef’s dessert selection included a pot de creme that was AMAZING! One of my gfs called it ‘orgasmic.’

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