Late Summer Picnic and Photowalk

Our city was blessed with an absolutely gorgeous weekend, but given our late start to the warm weather this year, I think we deserve it. Mack and I took advantage of it by finally having a picnic and a long walk in the river valley, tracing a route very similar to the one we took for our fall photo walk last year.

Downtown Edmonton

Through Louise McKinney Riverfront Park, we saw the Edmonton Queen take off with a boatload of passengers, and a number of canoes out on the North Saskatchewan.

Chinese Garden

Edmonton Queen cruising

On the other side of the connecting foot bridge, we found a shaded bench and unwrapped our lunch. We had picked up a few hot pressed sandwiches from Sobeys Urban Fresh to take along – an uptown turkey club for Mack and a chicken apple brie sandwich for me. We were surprised when we watched the deli attendant throw both sandwiches in the microwave before putting them in the panini press – the microwave was probably the cause for the chewy bread. I was looking for a bit more sweetness in the sandwich (the red chili jelly didn’t do it for me), and a lot more fresh herbs, but the apples had a nice texture and the quantity of chicken was fair.

On the foot bridge!

Our lunch

After lunch, we walked up to the Muttart Conservatory to explore the grounds. We intend to return to check out the newly-renovated pyramids sometime, but likely on a day when spending time indoors is more justifiable. We did pop our heads inside to see the new cafe, accessible to patrons without an admission fee.

Muttart Conservatory

Cafe inside the Muttart

The area surrounding the Muttart is beautiful in its own right, something neither Mack or I knew. Beds of plants, maintained by the Edmonton Horticultural Society (which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year), help celebrate some of the province’s perennial flowers, and help remind those passing by about the flora and fauna contained just beyond the glass.

Mack explores the gazebo

By one of the Muttart’s outdoor gardens

We even stumbled across a garden grown specifically for the Edmonton Food Bank (with, among other vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber and zucchini), maintained by the youth at the Yellowhead Youth Centre – too cool.

A Garden for Edmonton’s Food Bank

A sunflower in the city

Thanks for a relaxing afternoon, Mack! What did you do to take advantage of our glorious weekend?

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