Food Notes for August 17, 2009

America’s Best Dance Crew (also known as ABDC) is back in full swing! I’m not sure what about the show entices me, but I know my Sundays are infinitely better now! On to my weekly food notes:

  • Still don’t have an Original Fare VIP card and can’t get to the City Centre Market on Saturdays? Lucky for you, they have a booth at the Fringe! Sign up and start earning points at all of your dining experiences at Original Fare restaurants, and receive 2% back of your purchases at the end of the year in gift certificates.
  • I linked to Operation Fruit Rescue last week, but there was a good story about them in the Journal on Friday.
  • Pam wrote about the bounty she received in her first Good Food Box.
  • I was happy to see an article in the Journal last week featuring Edmonton’s newest community garden project in Oliver! It’s just a few blocks away from where Mack lives, and over the weeks, we were seeing the garden come together, but no signage identifying who was behind the greening of the land.
  • There was a review of Red Brick Pizza in Foodosophy last week – I still haven’t made it out there, as I haven’t had any reason to get me out that far south yet.
  • Vue Weekly featured an article about a cooking class at Mexico Lindo. At $75 for two, the class seems reasonably priced, and might be the cure for stagnant evenings.
  • The NY Journal has a post containing what they think are the ten best Frank Bruni reviews – it’s great writing, to be sure, but an even better overview of some great examples of NY excess.
  • Another death knoll sounds for Gourmet and Bon Appetit. One has to wonder how much longer they can both hold out.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports an increased boom for cooking schools and classes – a reactionary jerk to the state of the economy with people wanting to eat less out and more at home.
  • Mack and I wandered into La Piazza Dasee in Old Strathcona over the weekend to see if the cafe portion of the space was finished. It has been, and even has a menu up online.


JoJo’s Cafe

  • The new Superstore (and perhaps others, but I only have been to this location in a while) on 17th Street has a “Grown Close to Home” section of produce just in front of their entrance – with BC blueberries and Alberta tomatoes, among others. I’m sure we’ll see more of the larger grocery chains getting into the “locavore” movement.


Superstore’s “Grown Close to Home” sign

  • My Mum and I headed to the Millwoods Farmers’ Market on Thursday – the first time I have been there in probably ten years. Even though I live in Mill Woods, it’s definitely not in a convenient place for me (my bus routes through Millgate and not Lakewood, for example, and a walk there would be at least an hour). My memories are foggy, but I vaguely recollect just two rows of vendors, and nothing particularly interesting (of course, ten years ago, I was happy with Boston Pizza and couldn’t cook my way out of a bag). I am happy to say that the farmers’ market in the ‘burbs was bursting at the seams with fresh produce and people! There were four rows of vendors, with everything from produce and BC fruit to bread and prepared food. They didn’t have much in the way of meats and protein, but you can’t have everything, right? My Mum and I picked up some cinnamon raisin bread from Jane’s Bread and some random vegetables. Of course, I still prefer the City Centre Market, but this was a nice-sized, open air neighbourhood market. Check it out if you’re in Millwoods – it runs 5-8pm Thursdays until October 1 at the Millwoods Recreation Centre Parking Lot, 28 Ave and Millwoods Road.


Millwoods Farmers’ Market

  • On a walk downtown, we decided to stop in VinoMania (11452 Jasper Avenue), a liquor store that we had passed countless times. We discovered an unexpectedly nice interior, and Edmonton’s first enomatic wine system (it is essentially a system that prevents open wine from oxidizing). I never really considered the system for liquor merchants, but it makes sense to allow customers to try what they are buying if possible. VinoMania sells $20 cards that can be reloaded to try any of the dozen or so wines and spirits on hand (the bottles are rotated every three weeks) with samples ranging in price from $1.50 to $3. A staff person allowed us a complimentary taste – I’d like to say I could point out how fresh it was, but with my palate for wine being what it is…Still, I was impressed by how easily the wine was dispensed.


VinoMania’s Enomatic Wine System

  • Mack hates any bread with what he deems “crap” in them (e.g. grains, seeds, etc.), even though that’s exactly the type of bread I like. As a result, there are often two types of loaves in the house – whole wheat and grainy. The other day at Sobeys Urban Fresh, we saw a loaf of bread that had Mack’s name on it – literally. Perhaps it was a sign to give in to the grainy side, Mack!

Mack with Mack’s Flax

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 17, 2009

  1. I was surprised at the readership difference between Gourmet and Bon Appetit. I’ve read both for a long time, but when it came time to cut back magazine spending I kept Gourmet and I am so happy. I’ve been faithful for 15 years and it keeps getting better – even if the styling of the photos in their entertaining articles is a bit much lately. I can forgive that for the food politics articles and the web-site.

  2. Your blog is incredibly awesome! I dig it sooo much, I just wish I knew about it when I lived in Edmonton & also that there was one just like it in Calgary.

  3. Cheryl – I have to say I’m not a devoted reader of either. I’m more interested in following the relationship of “traditional” media (e.g. newspapers/media) with the growing online media surrounding the food world.

    Lindsey – thanks for the compliment! Are You Gonna Eat That (, Backseat Gourmet ( and Dinner with Julie ( are my favourite Calgary food blogs.

  4. Great blog! Thanks for the great insider tips. I’ll be sure to look for the Original Fare booth at the Fringe.

  5. I dare say we missed each other at the Millwoods market. Even with it being in the ‘hood, like you, I don’t make it out very often.

    The Mexican cooking classes sound intriguing, especially as I considered doing a few weeks of culinary education in Mexico last year, but when you are making nachos….I’m off the wagon.

  6. Thanks Jo!

    Chris – any “authentic” culinary lessons would be awesome! Perhaps the Mexico Lindo one would be a start?

  7. That’s too funny about Mack and bread. My husband is kind of the same way, though – through making my own bread – I’m trying to wean him off of white bread. I love grainy bread – the more grains and seeds, the better!


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