Food Notes for August 10, 2009

  • Check out the family-friendly festival Corn Fest on August 29 from 1-4pm for Latin food and entertainment.
  • Via Crazy White Girl with a KitchenOperation Fruit Rescue Edmonton connects fruit growers who may not have the time or energy to harvest with fruit pickers, with benefit to multiple parties – 1/3 of the fruit goes to the grower, 1/3 to the picker, and 1/3 to the Food Bank.
  • There was a good article in Vue Weekly about Refresh, a new-ish catering business and bistro situated in the Organic Roots in Old Strathcona.
  • At Save-On Foods yesterday, I was happy to stumble across a display of SeaChoice cards, similar to the Blue Ocean pocket guide we were given at DC’s Hook. The design is very similar, denoting best, and most sustainable seafood choices in green, those species to approach with some caution in yellow, and those to avoid in red. Now, the next leap at grocery stores – to label packages with green and yellow stickers (and to eliminate “red” options all together).
  • In case you haven’t heard – Sam Sifton is the new Frank Bruni. It’s amazing the frenzy a new food critic brings out in the NY foodie crowd.
  • My family, Mack and I spent the August long weekend in Drumheller and Calgary. On our way back, we stopped at a Tim Horton’s which had something inside that we had never seen before – a self-serve kiosk! I understand and use self-checkouts at grocery stores, but I’m not sure I’d make my own coffee. How about you?

Self-serve Tim Horton’s

  • Mack and I also took the time to visit the newest Superstore in Edmonton located at 44 Avenue and 17 Street. I was most curious to check out the “community room” which could be used free of charge so long as only Loblaws products were served. While it is still being worked on (the stoves hadn’t been installed yet), it is a decent space. I thought the set-up would be perfect for cooking demonstrations, actually.


Community Room in Superstore

  • Before picking up some cupcakes at Flirt, we popped into Bubble Juice (10154 82 Avenue, 780-477-6538), their new neighbour, a bubble tea house that recently relocated. Mack and I split the dragonberry flavour ($4.75), a combination of blueberry, strawberry and green apple (they may want to rethink the “Funky Chunky”, heh). I liked that all of their drinks are made with fresh fruit (menu here), but they will need to revamp their seating area if they want to compete with the nearby Dream Tea House. I imagine they might be able to draw more foot traffic, particularly with Flirt next door, but I have to wonder if the area can support two bubble tea establishments?

Bubble Juice interior

Our Dragonberry Bubble Juice (yep, Mack still hates sago)

  • I spent a day last week in Mill Creek attending meetings, and blessed with a long lunch, also had the opportunity to weave through the shops in the area – having breakfast at Wild Earth Bakery (which is undergoing a much-needed expansion), picking up a loaf of bread at Tree Stone Bakery, and browsing at Wild Earth Foods (they carry Bles Wold, among other local products).

White Chocolate Raspberry Scone at Wild Earth Bakery

  • I was also able to have lunch at Culina Mill Creek, which I haven’t been to in a while. I stuck with a tried-and-true honey ham and edam sandwich, though the seafood pot pie special was tempting. At the end of my meal, I presented my Original Fare VIP card, and as had happened at Sabor Divino two weeks earlier, they said that their machine was down. I am not sure what the problem is (and perhaps it was a coincidence), but perhaps they have to look more closely at the machines or switch providers if this is a frequent occurrence. And though we were able to get the points through another Original Fare restaurant, the system should be more reliable and convenient than that.

The Ham & Cheese with Creamy Tomato and Garlic Soup

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 10, 2009

  1. Wow, it looks like you had a great week!

    I love the Wild Earth Bakery. I’ve picked up many yummy things and my dad has even commented on how good their soup is.

    That’s a crazy set up at Timmies – I’m not a huge fan of them to begin with (shocking! and I call myself a Canadian!), but I don’t really see the point. Soon everyone will use those and you’ll get the schmuck who takes his time and then people will start complaining. If they can’t serve the customers themselves with that much foot traffic, how will they keep that area clean? It always amazes me when I’m in Starbucks (my fave. *sigh*) that they can never keep the little “extras” table clean. The garbage is always overflowing and there’s sugar everywhere.

    Anyway. Sorry for the rant, but I think people are just getting way too much out of customer service, face-to-face interaction.

    Your Culina meal looks amazing by the way!


  2. Self Serve Tim’s eh. Having worked in a few small Oil based towns, I could see mayhem ensuing. I stopped by that new Superstore after I saw you guys were checking it out. Looks good on the inside, I just wish they could somehow beautify (is that a word) the outside.

    Was I wrong in noticing another addition beside the bubble tea place? Any ideas, or was I in lala land.

  3. Grace – he claims just to not like “things” in his drink :).

    Kristilyn – Starbucks is my favourite as well, though I don’t mind Tim Horton’s. I agree the self-serve station is a bit mind-boggling – perhaps this location will act as a pilot?

    Chris – we thought the new Superstore colour scheme was a bit off-putting. Mack thinks it’s too “American” looking, while I just think they had a pretty unique association going with the green/yellow. And no idea about the other side of the bubble tea place; we stopped at Bubble Juice and went the way we came :).

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