Food Notes for August 3, 2009

  • The downtown location of the Italian Centre is celebrating its grand opening on August 22, 23.
  • Transcend Coffee is offering free shipping on coffee orders containing 2lbs.!
  • The new southside Superstore (near my house, actually), besides offering a large selection of ethnic products, boasts a room that can be used free of charge so long as Loblaws products are served – it’s an interesting move for the large retailer to be more community-friendly.
  • Julie & Julia will be released this Friday! Anyone else going to check it out? The NYT published a behind the scenes look at the film’s food last week.
  • A must read: Michael Pollan’s New York Magazine article on the allure of television cooking shows and the decline of cooking at home.
  • On the heels of Food, Inc. – the U.S. House of Representatives voted to delay a bill that would allow the FDA more authority and funding for regulation of the food industry.
  • A study was released this week that seems to show that organic food is no better nutritionally than conventionally-grown food.
  • I read about Vancouver’s VinoCamp, an opportunity to learn about and taste wine in a casual way and wondered why such a thing isn’t happening in Edmonton.
  • Cupcakes Take the Cake compiled a great list of Twitter tips for cupcakeries – but it would apply for any food establishment in general as well.
  • This is only marginally food-related (the store sells some housewares), but it’s too cool not to mention – a new vintage store opened up in the core called Swish (10180 101 Street, 780-479-8408), having relocated from their former location in Highlands. Tucked in Manulife Place, but only accessible via 102 Street, the store is filled with cool finds. Check it out!


Inside Swish

10 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 3, 2009

  1. Hi,
    James from Transcend Coffee here. Thanks so much for mentioning our free shipping deal. But there’s one small correction – it’s for 2 lbs only. Not for orders more or less than 2 lbs.

  2. I’m a bit confused about the Italian Centre opening. There’s a downtown location?

    According to the website, the Little Italy location is having it’s grand re-opening on the 23rd. Is this what you’re referring to, or is there a new, more central location that isn’t yet listed on the website?

  3. I have it on good authority (because, I would have no idea myself) that Swish used to be up in the Highlands area and recently re-located to that downtown spot.

    Alright. Back to talking food…That Superstore certainly is interesting. I wonder if this is a test for Loblaws in buying T&T.

  4. Adam – in my head, Little Italy is a part of downtown. So yes, it is the location you mentioned, one of their only two in town.

    Jeff – thanks for the note about Swish. Did a search and found what you were referring to.

  5. It is a grand re-opening for the Italo center, Adam. They have been expanding, so the whole south side of their store is larger and not as cramped. It’s really nice to shop their produce section now.

  6. The grand re-opening for the Italian Centre on the north side is actually Sunday, August 23, 11 a,m, – 4 p.m. The East Meets West festival in the same area of the city takes place on Saturday, August 22.

  7. I moved here from Calgary recently, and all of the newer Superstore’s there have a “community room” that you can rent out… There’s also many more of them in the city (Calgary) than here, so perhaps they are about to take Edmonton by storm as they have to the south…

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