Food Notes for July 14, 2009

Apologies for being a day late with my food notes. But sometimes, life gets in the way.

  • My first attempt at “growing” something isn’t going too well – my basil have been overrun by aphids. The ironic thing is – Mack’s balcony is usually a haven for ladybugs…except when I need them most. A few people have suggested spraying the plants with a heavily diluted water and dish detergent spray, which I have done. I hope that helps, but I am open to other suggestions!
  • Original Fare’s discount dining days, also called Fork Fest, starts next week. It runs from July 19-23 and 26-30, with fixed course meals offered at $20 and $35 price points. Notoriously slow with menu information, scope out your picks and make recommendations once all the information is up.
  • The Journal kicked off their spotlight on CSAs on Sunday, with three feature articles by Sheila Pratt. She spent some time with Graham Sparrow of Sparrow’s Nest Organics (it surprised me to learn they only offer 35 shares in their farm). Watch on Wednesday for Liane’s first of a series of recipes inspired by their weekly produce delivery.
  • The latest issue of Alberta Views is focused on food, and contains a local food guide, and a great piece by Kris Vester, a young Carstairs farmer who shares his experience supplying the city with sustainably grown produce.
  • Chris from Eating is the Hard Part checked out Edmonton’s newest cupcakery this weekend – Cake Couture.
  • Cyrilles Koppert and his revamped tapas menu at Manor Cafe was featured in the Journal over the weekend (I’m still waiting for the new website though!).
  • Isabelle over at The Little Red Kitchen spent some time with the ladies behind the Eatery at the ARTery, and will have some behind-the-scenes pictures up on her blog soon.
  • A reminder that Kerstin’s Chocolates’ The Cocoa Room is closing for the month of August because of the heat – while Chocophilia is available online and through other stores, there’s nothing like a trip through temptation.
  • Mack and I stopped by Vi’s for Pies for dessert along our after-dinner walk last week. We sampled their oreo cake. Made with layers of pound cake, it wasn’t exactly a light item, but it was enjoyable. We couldn’t figure out what gave the dessert its name, however, besides the token chocolate-drizzled cookie on top.

Oreo Cake from Vi’s for Pies

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for July 14, 2009

  1. I got rid of TONS of fruit flies from my indoor herbs by seducing them with a small glass of red wine (had to empty it and the dead fruit flies every day). Not sure if aphids are drinkers as well, but worth a try if you have a bottle of red open.

  2. The herbs are actually out on the balcony in a container; someone else suggested coffee grounds? Thanks for the advice though!

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