Kerstin’s Chocolates’ Chocolate Covered Bacon

Today I brought home a gastronomic gem never before seen in Edmonton: chocolate covered bacon.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

To commemorate Father’s Day, Kerstin’s Chocolates pulled out all the stops – sourcing prized Berkshire bacon from local farm Sunshine Organic, they created a treat worthy of conversation. Crispy strips of bacon are dipped in Venezuelan single origin 49% dark chocolate, then sprinkled with Madagascar cocoa nibs – a sweet and savoury confection that would certainly add something special to the Sunday brunch table.

I picked some up after work this afternoon (limited quantities are available at The Cocoa Room until Saturday, June 20), with the intent to share the discovery with Mack. The two strips cost me $5.25 at $15.00/100g. While I am a huge fan of Kerstin’s Chocolate (my favourite Chocophilia Bars are Mocha Bean and Educador 72%), Mack’s love of bacon is unrivalled. We thought it might be best to capture both perspectives in one post.


On the idea:

Sharon: I was intrigued, though I know from past experience, sweet and salty combinations are hit or miss for my palate – salty caramels: yes. Chocophilia’s Fleur de Sel: no.

Mack: Did someone say bacon?

On first glance:

Sharon: I’m not sure I was expecting whole slices of bacon, but I suppose they are more presentable, and pleasing to the eye that way.

Mack: Somehow a strip of chocolate covered bacon looks underwhelming relative to the idea.

On initial contact:

Sharon: Cutting to divide the strip in half with a knife, I didn’t expect the resounding crunch.

Mack: Looking at the cross-section, I was happy to be able to distinguish the layer of bacon in between chocolate.

On first taste:

Sharon: Nothing beats Kerstin’s dark chocolate! But I’m not sure about the chewiness…

Mack: First the chocolate, then a hint of bacon, and an unfamiliar texture. Interesting.


Sharon: I can’t say the bacon really came through for me – the star of the show was definitely the chocolate. The nibs were supposed to add another element I suppose, but they weren’t necessary.

Mack: I wish I loved chocolate as much as I love bacon.


Sharon: It’s definitely a conversation starter (or shocker). Mack Twittered that he was about to try chocolate covered bacon, and received numerous replies in a matter of minutes!

Mack: I’ll stick to plain bacon and deep-fried Mars bars, but cool concept.

Kudos to Kerstin’s for highlighting a local farmer, and for getting people excited about an unusual product. Who knows what they will cover in chocolate next? Send your requests to Kerstin’s via Twitter. Sunshine Organic will be offering samples of the bacon at their City Centre Market booth on Saturday.

Kerstin’s Chocolates, The Cocoa Room
10139 112 Street
(780) 990-0011

10 thoughts on “Kerstin’s Chocolates’ Chocolate Covered Bacon

  1. I am intrigued..both a bacon and a chocolate fan myself. I wondered how the bacon flavours would hold up under the chocolate, and you confirmed my suspicions. Maybe what they should’ve done was use two-three slices of bacon and then covered that in chocolate. Hrm.

  2. It made me think of Iron Chef Symon when he did this a year or two back on the ‘Dinner Impossible’ show. I also don’t recall his version having such a thick layer of chocolate, which I think after hearing you describe it would be beneficial to a good bacon after taste.

    A fun treat regardless!

  3. Carlo and I tried this yesterday too. We liked it… all right. Kind of like you, I guess. We’re bacon fans, but I think I’ll have my chocolate one side and my bacon on the other. It was fun to try, though.

  4. Sunterra Market has been selling this for as long as I’ve been in Edmonton, although it might be only on weekends/special occasions.

    Its tasty. I’d never go out of my way for it though.

  5. Michelle – Kerstin did mention something about having done a similar bar before (chocolate with bacon bits inside), but this is the first time they’ve attempted an entire slice of bacon dipped in chocolate.

    Interesting to know that it’s a treat done around the world, though probably more for the sensation than the taste…

  6. I picked up some choco-bacon for dad’s day & my dad thought it was super (which was a bit surprising as he doesn’t usually like sweet/salty combos in food). The rest of the familia preferred the Chocophilia bars and meltaways!

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