Food Notes for May 11, 2009

In exactly a week, I’ll be in D.C. with Mack! So looking forward to a vacation long overdue. In the meantime, I have some notes to share:

  • It seems Ching’s Asian Kitchen and Dim Bar (10154 100 Street) was not meant to last – we caught a sign taped up on its door thanking customers for their patronage.
  • Boualouang has relocated to their revamped, larger space down the block! Their new address is 10569-97 Street.
  • Mack and I swung by La Piazza Dasee (8004 Gateway Boulevard) over the weekend, and we both wondered why they bothered opening at all – nearly half of the store  (and all of the cafe) is still under active construction. Perhaps check them out in a few weeks to see how they’ve progressed.
  • If you were waiting for another opportunity to try out Eric Ng’s veggie donair (I tried one back in November), you’ll have it on May 12.
  • There are so many opportunities to get involved in the local food system right now. Take a survey about how committed you are about buying local over at the Greater Edmonton Alliance website (until May 15), sign up for the Good Food Project, or support the newest Community Supported Agriculture endeavour in Edmonton, Greens Eggs & Ham.
  • The Journal wrote about the coffee cupping experience at Transcend over the weekend. It’s sure to just heighten the demand for their monthly tastings. You can read about the experience Mack and I had last July here and here.
  • Some of the city’s premiere cake creators are featured in an article in Avenue Magazine this month.
  • Congrats to the marketing team at NAIT for their national award from the Canadian Public Relations Society in the social media category. They are being recognized for their innovative approach in engaging the public during Chef Rob Feenie’s whirlwind time in Edmonton.
  • I was following the live tweets from the James Beard Awards last week, but it seems I only caught the tail end. The Edible Prairie wrote about Jennifer McLaglan, this year’s winner for Best Cookbook, Fat: an Appreciation for a Misunderstood Ingredient with Recipes.
  • This is too cool: the green pizza box of the future.
  • I prefer Pagolac’s southside location to their Chinatown haunt, and I was reminded why when I stopped by for lunch last week. I ordered my usual dish (medium rare beef), and was presented with a bowl of lukewarm soup. It was so mild in temperature that the beef didn’t have the opportunity to lose its pink hue. I’ll be sticking to the southside branch in the future.

Pho from Pagolac

  • There’s nothing like kicking off the warm weather with Fat Franks, eaten fresh off the grill outdoors. Yum!

My Jumbo Dog (the toasted bun makes all the difference)

Mack is happy with his Cheese Dog

  • It also just doesn’t seem like summer without an iced brewed coffee from Starbucks, and I was able to have my first of the season last week. I have to remember to get a shot of sweetener in it the next time I order it though!

Ah, a coffee and a book out on the patio

5 thoughts on “Food Notes for May 11, 2009

  1. In addition to the Good Food Project, there’s – their cost is less than the Good Food Project’s items and they also provide mostly local and all organic deliveries to Edmonton areas and Calgary.

    $45.06/wk which already includes the bin and delivery cost. Much less than $48/wk + $20/bin from the Good Food Project, GFP seems to focus more on Edmonton+area while Fresh Organics is Alberta/BC.

    Found out about it through local illustrator, Amanda Woodward:

  2. Thanks for your latest food notes and good luck with your trip to Washington, D.C. I was there before 9/11 for a very enjoyable short visit during a few hot July days. I hope the museums along the National Mall are still free as they were then. Looks like you’ve got a good guide book. Among many other things, I also remember checking out the Arlington National Cemetary and the Exorcist steps.

  3. Thanks for the well wishes Jim! Yes, the museums seem to be mostly free still (the new butterfly gallery nets a $5 charge, and is the only exception).

    I hope to return with lots of photos and good eats to share!

  4. Sharon – It was a smile-inducing surprise to pick up a copy of Vue and see your name on the front. Wonderful work and congrats!

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