Food Notes from April 20, 2009

  • CityFarm, a wonderful initiative to teach children and families about growing food is shutting down due to funding constraints. A meeting scheduled for Monday night is exploring possible mergers with other city agencies.
  • The Edible Prairie posted about a “meet and eat” showcase of local food taking place on Wednesday, April 22 at the J.G. O’Donaghue Building.
  • It looks like the Edmonton Food Security Network has rebranded themselves as “Just Food Edmonton”. Help them relaunch on Saturday from 10am-3pm in McIntyre Park.
  • Liane interviewed Culina’s Brad Lazarenko in the Journal this week. He’s moving back to Edmonton and will be revamping menus at both Culina locations.
  • Vue Weekly published a profile on Transcend Coffee’s Poul Mark, as well as a great piece about the Edmonton Guerrilla Gardeners.
  • Kerstin Chocolates’ first-ever Easter Egg Hunt was a success, with ten people receiving a prize for their efforts! BruleeBlog also posted about her experience locating eggs here.
  • It seems the second T & T Supermarket (in Northgate Mall) is finally going forward, and is apparently set to open in July.
  • My sister said the University of Alberta campus is getting their first Starbucks (in Cameron library) – I thought the U of A had a deal with Aramark? Also on Starbucks – while they are closing stores all over North America, Poland of all places is one of their targeted growth areas.
  • Andree Lau over at Food Bytes wrote a piece highlighting some of the recession deals to be had in Calgary, including one at the stellar Teatro.
  • The Globe’s Lucy Waverman attempts to boil down recipes into bite-sized ,140 character Tweets. I have to say, I don’t think I could be that articulate.
  • I was happy to see a story about IKEA’s elimination of plastic bags as of July 1. Which supermarket will step up first to follow suit, I wonder?
  • I headed over to Flirt Cupcakes last week to interview one of the owners for a story I’m working on. Of course, I couldn’t resist sampling one (or two) of their cupcakes. I tried both their coffee-topped chocolate cake and their vanilla cake with strawberry icing, and I have to say that I preferred the latter – the natural sweetness from the real strawberries made such a difference in the icing.


Coffee Cupcake in Flirt

  • Yes, there is another Taco del Mar coming soon, this time in the Meadows. Seriously, who eats there to warrant an exponential growth of the chain in the city, particularly in these lean times?!


Another Taco del Mar

  • I am so happy the snow is off the ground, and that the weather is slowly looking better. It means that I’ll be able to move my budding herb garden out onto the balcony soon! As someone who hasn’t grown anything since elementary school, it does amaze me that nearly all the seeds we planted managed to sprout. Whether or not they’ll live long enough to produce any basil or parsley is still yet to be seen, but I’m optimistic.

My container herb garden

6 thoughts on “Food Notes from April 20, 2009

  1. As you are likely aware, Planet Organic did away with plastic bags last fall. We can’t call them a ‘supermarket,’ but we can call them a leader in this area!

  2. Taco Del Mar is my fast-food mexican restaurant of choice in the city. I have tried Mucho Burrito twice and feel that it doesn’t even come close to Taco Del Mar for value for money. I know that you have the opposite opinion, but I thought I would let you know that there are people out there who do eat there.

  3. Is there not already a starbucks in the hospital as well? I know you used to be able to get starbucks coffee there when I was in school(3 years ago).

  4. There’s a Taco Del Mar opening up in the north end as well. Did you see the discussion on Chowhound about them not selling fish tacos in Calgary even though that’s the name of their chain?

  5. I had heard a rumour that T&T was considering the old Wal-Mart location that was vacated in the South Common super-sprawl… Glad to see their business is doing well!

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