Food Notes for March 30, 2009

  • The April edition of Avenue Edmonton has a few good reads, including an interview with Ron Berezan, the Urban Farmer, a tour of some of the city’s multicultural gems (May pointed out that the article lacks specific addresses for the locations listed; a fair point), and a short feature about Courtney and Brooke’s blog Take it and Like it. Congrats, ladies!
  • My latest article in Vue Weekly about TZiN Wine and Tapas Bar was published this week. Two things that didn’t fit in my piece which I wanted to share – Kelsey said that malbecs have been really popular over the past six weeks for no reason that she could gather, and when asked about her favourite drink, she responded: “Bubbles are always my favourite. Champagne is gorgeous, love it, it’s not always in my budget to do though. So there’s a lot of great proseccos and cavas. I find that often people will wait for an occasion or birthday or celebration of some sort. Random Tuesday for me. Bubbles make me happy.”
  • First Manor Cafe and now The Blue Pear: Brulee Blog mentioned another “recession special”  – The Blue Pear will be offering a “Baby Blue Pear” menu – $35 3-course menu for 5-6pm and Sunday reservations. No further details on their website yet.
  • An interesting story about some local restaurant groups like Original Joe’s expanding in spite of the recession.
  • The Dasee Group (which apparently owns Plaid Giraffe, among other businesses) will be opening a cafe featuring gelato and espresso at their 8004 Gateway Boulevard location in March. Keep an eye on their website for grand opening information.
  • Sorrentino’s kicks off their 18th annual Garlic Festival tomorrow. I know some in the city get excited for the event, but I’m not one of them.
  • Liane Faulder wrote an article about a study showing increased consumer spending at farmers’ markets over the past four years – up to $45 per visit in 2008 compared with $35 in 2004, while annual spending went up to $449 from $317. I just wish the study broke down where the funds were being spent, given that everything from jewellery to produce is sold at local markets.
  • If the Urban Spoon app for your iPhone wasn’t cool enough, how about Locavore 1.0? Find not only the farmers’ market nearest you (using GPS), but also what’s in season. Someone with an iPhone will have to tell me if it works in Canadian cities.
  • Speaking of eating locally, the Edible Prairie Online posted an “Alberta food inventory”, along with links to some helpful resources.
  • Andree over at Are You Gonna Eat That? reviewed some PC Blue Menu products, and showcases a nifty little slideshow gadget on her blog.

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for March 30, 2009

  1. I agree with you Mack, that Locavore app looks neat. I wonder if it will catch on, or we’ll see it available north of the border….not that I have a fancy iPhone anyways 😉

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