Neighbourhood Bistro: The Dish

I consider The Dish Mack’s neighbourhood bistro. Just a two minute walk from his apartment, it’s surprising that last week was our first visit there together since he moved into the area a year ago. We needed a quick bite prior to a show on Tuesday, and craving their brand of comfort food as I wasn’t feeling too well, we headed out the door.

It was surprisingly busy for a random weekday, so I was a little worried that we would end up late for the theatre. However, service was actually quite brisk, and we made it out the door with time to spare. We both ordered off the specials sheet, seasonally tailored for cool winter evenings. I decided on the Deep Dish Quiche with a side of Creamy Tomato Basil Soup ($14), while Mack chose the Chicken Pot Pie and a side of Caesar Salad ($15).

I loved the interior of the restaurant the first time I set foot in it, and that affection hasn’t changed. The creaky wooden floors, the well-worn furniture, and the dim, intimate lighting sets the tone for a cozy and inviting space. And despite the risk of high noise levels (there isn’t any soft materials present to help with sound absorption), something about the small tables that draw patrons inward still provide a semblance of privacy for dining parties.

Our food arrived promptly, and I think I had dish envy as soon as I saw Mack’s pie. He let me steal a bite of the pie (and puff pastry), and it tasted as good as it looked. He didn’t care so much for the visually appealing nature of the diagonally-placed strips of pastry though, as he prefers his pie crust solidly attached to the dish.

Chicken Pot Pie

I thought the kitchen was a bit frugal on my quiche, but it was good all the same. The havarti, spinach, sundried tomato and caramelized red onion combined well with the light and airy baked egg, and I appreciated the finish of parmesan shards on top. The soup was a little on the tart side for my palate, but served its inner-warming purpose on my plate.

Deep Dish Quiche

I am looking forward to their menu change come spring, and to perhaps finally get a peek at their well-known “secret garden” patio.

The Dish
12417 Stony Plain Road NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-6641

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