I couldn’t drive by: Peters’ Drive-In

This guest post was written by Mack, an Edmonton-based geek who fancies himself a part-time foodie. You can find him online at his blog, and on Twitter.

Is there any better way to end a trip to Calgary than by making a stop at Peters’ Drive-In? I don’t think so – the historic drive-in is a must-visit for anyone passing through our neighbour to the south. Sharon and I stopped at Peters’ for a late lunch before making the drive back to Edmonton.

We each ordered a cheeseburger ($3.60) and decided to share an order of fries. I asked for a large, but was warned that it could feed 4-5 people! I think I make that mistake every time I visit Peters’. We went with the small fries ($3.00) though it was still almost too big for the two of us. Sharon ordered a Coke, while I couldn’t resist a banana milkshake ($4.50). Our order was called out to the very busy kitchen, and though it seemed as though no one paid any attention, we only had to wait a few minutes.

It was a beautiful assortment of fast food:

Mack @ Peter's

Don’t let the “fast food” scare you, though. Peters’ boasts fresh, flame-broiled burgers made with 100% Canadian grade “A” ground chuck, fries cooked in cholesterol free, trans-fat free, 100% pure canola oil, and milkshakes made with real ice cream and real fruit. Their trivia card says they peel more than 35,000 pounds of fresh bananas each year!

The long line-up of cars and people can seem daunting, but don’t let that sway you – plan a stop at Peters’ on your next trip to Calgary. You won’t be disappointed!

Peters’ Drive-In
219 – 16th Avenue NE (map)
Calgary, AB
(403) 277-2747
Open 9am – Midnight, every day

3 thoughts on “I couldn’t drive by: Peters’ Drive-In

  1. For anyone who has never been, I’d recommend parking the car (if possible) and ordering from the walk-up window, rather than sitting in the drive-thru lane. It’s usually much faster that way.

  2. Reminds me of the Frosty Treat, a venerable and legendary drive-in in Kensington, PEI. Their slogan is “Don’t drive by, drive in!” … probably used by drive-ins everywhere.

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