A Customized Treat: Choklat

Also gleaned from Where Calgary, I read a brief introduction to one of Calgary’s chocolatiers called Choklat. Located in the Inglewood neighbourhood just a few minutes from the core, Choklat prides itself in being only one of two chocolatiers in Canada that actually make their own chocolate. They buy raw cocoa beans, roast and grind them all on their own. As I had been meaning to check out Inglewood anyway, a promise of fresh chocolate provided a nice incentive.

We parked our car and meandered around walkable Inglewood for a bit. Stocked with a variety of boutiques including home decor, houseware, clothing, and gifts, it reminded me of Edmonton’s High Street area. Some of the stores were closed on Sunday, however (including Spolumbo’s Deli), so we may have to return in the near future to get a full sense of the street.

We eventually made our way to Choklat, a small functional storefront. A jar of cocoa beans were on display on a shelf alongside packages of chocolate that could be purchased, while a display case next to the till tempted customers with large bars of dark and milk chocolate bars. We were interested in the custom truffles.


Choklat interior and truffle-making station

Priced at $1.99, they are definitely an occasional treat, but we liked the ability to create our own truffle. Apparently there are over 300 combinations, but on that day, we just put in an order for three. Mack liked that we could have placed an order online to be picked up at our convenience, handy, I’m sure, for those placing a large volume order.

After consulting the list of possibilities, we chose: a dark chocolate buttercream centre dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in cocoa nibs; a peanut butter buttercream dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in crushed brownies; (and for Mack) a milk chocolate buttercream dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in crushed brownies.


In about ten minutes, our order was ready (comfortable leather couches lined the waiting area). Presented in a translucent blue Chinese take-out style box, I knew part of the price had to be the packaging. We were also given a sheet of paper that listed which colour-coded truffle contained which combination.

Our order

About the size of a Timbit, it was evident that each truffle had been made with care. I liked the peanut butter version better, as there was a nice variety of sweetness in that truffle, and Mack enjoyed the crushed brownies on the outside of his, saying that it was surprisingly just sweet enough. I can’t say that I could “taste” the fact that they source and grind their own cocoa beans in the truffle, though the chocolate bar would have been a better buy for that purpose.

Choklat provides a nice alternative for those seeking a chocolate gift – the customized nature of their truffles, although pricey, is hard to beat.

1327A 9th Avenue SE
(403) 457-1419

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