Food Notes for March 2, 2009

I’m still recovering from the shock of The Bachelor’s revelations – why?! As I try to unpack what happened, here are this week’s notes:

  • The Lois Hole Hospital Foundation will be raising money on Thursday, March 5 through the Epicurean Experience, where “Edmonton and area restaurants will generously donate a portion of the proceeds from the day’s food sales to the Lois Hole Hospital for Women.” Check out the list of participating restaurants here.
  • Liane covered two of the twenty-odd restaurants participating in Edmonton’s Downtown Dining Week, which starts March 6 and runs until March 15. I still think $50 for a set meal is still too high of a price to pay in these lean times, but best of luck to the new restaurants trying to attract different clientele.
  • Gail Hall compiled a list of the “25 Best Things to Eat in Edmonton” for the latest issue of Avenue Magazine. My personal list would include a banh mi and pho, but I like that she tried to span dishes large and small.
  • I just found out about this today when I saw a story on CTV news, but a group of friends challenged themselves to subsist on a diet of $80 for the month – “the working poor diet” – as a means of building awareness and raise money for the Edmonton Food Bank. They found it doable but difficult, and learned about ways to make their dollar stretch even further to meet the standards set by the Canada Food Guide. Their blog chronicling the month is worth a read.
  • Roll up the Rim to Win frenzy is back (I love that Tim Horton’s commercial with the giant cup in “Canadaland”). For the fifth year running, Calgary-based Jon Lin is documenting his losses (and hopefully a few wins) on his blog.
  • Doritos opened up a contest to allow the public to come up with a name for their latest “mystery” chip flavour. I spied the white bag the last time I was at the grocery store, but didn’t think to pick one up to try – perhaps I’ll have to.
  • Mack sent me a link about a new mobile service called ReadyPing that enables restaurants to send out a text message to diners when a table is ready (instead, say, of chaining diners to a small perimeter around the restaurant with pagers). Interesting idea, but there could be some issues, as the article lays out, with customers wandering a bit too far.
  • A good article in the NYT this week about food magazines that are doing their best to stay relevant and afloat during these economic times. It’s surprised me to find out that for the most part, circulation hasn’t dipped.
  • On the subject of saving money, the Times also had an article about using less water to boil pasta (and thus saving energy in the process) – something I’ve wondered about myself. Turns out: it can be done, without really sacrificing the pasta output.
  • A cute Grub Street compilation of what high-end chefs cooked as kids. I can’t say I experimented much in the kitchen as a child, though there was that one Mother’s Day where my intention of making Orange Julius for my Mum went terribly, terribly wrong…

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for March 2, 2009

  1. I hope to try banh mi in New York later this month.

    I wish Gail Hall had chosen the meatloaf sandwich at Col. Mustard for her list but so many of their sandwiches are very good.

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