Appointment Television Mondays

Since House moved to Mondays, the day has become so stacked, network entertainment-wise, that it’s almost unfair. As a result, my Monday evenings have become a sedentary retreat, my downfall as someone who prefers her television “live”. As it’s been a while since I’ve written about any of my big four shows (Prison Break is on hiatus – in its last season, sob – until April 17), I felt it was time to put down some thoughts:

  • 24 – I am loving the resurrection of Tony “Soul Patch” Almeida – it’s always better when Jack has his trustworthy partner in crime behind him! I do wish Chloe had more to do (I thought finally going rogue would mean we’d get to see her as a true field agent, but alas, she’s still hidden behind a computer screen), but at least she’s away from the confines of the CTU bunker. I also love the Renee Walker character – it’s inevitable she will move to the dark side under Jack’s tutelage, but she’s got some fight in her. Now that the Dubaku storyline has wrapped, I just hope the second part of the season is as gripping as the first.
  • House – It’s strange that after five seasons of the same almost sitc0m-like template (patient with mystery illness miraculously cured by the end of the 42 minutes), audiences are still tuning in. It is nice to see some of the supporting characters getting their own storylines finally, including Cuddy’s adoption (something that didn’t involve House at all) and also increasing the Cuddy-Wilson interaction.
  • The City – I had high expectations for this show, mostly because it was taking place in New York, but I didn’t think Whitney could carry a series all on her own. It turns out she can, but not without making it seem like she is selling herself short. More than anything, I can’t wait for the return of The Hills (Lauren and Heidi friends again?! Say it ain’t so!), and continuing to watch clever spoofs of The City in Barack Obama’s The District.

2 thoughts on “Appointment Television Mondays

  1. I love 24, and after watching the first few seasons of House religiously, I’ve just started to get excited about it again. I’ll have to look into The City.

  2. I can’t in all honesty recommend The City to you chris; it’s not anything like 24 or House. Mack tolerates the show, but would prefer to watch it “on mute”, heh.

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