Food Notes for February 17, 2009

  • If you missed it, I’m organizing a meetup for Edmonton foodies. Join us at the Blue Plate Diner on February 26 at 6:30pm if you’re interested in meeting some of the people behind the city’s food blogs! Just remember to include your name on the wiki before February 22.
  • The list of participating restaurants in Edmonton’s 6th annual Downtown Dining Week, which runs March 6-15,  is up, though menus have yet to be posted. Calgary’s event, which runs March 9-15, will be making their list public on Thursday. I have to say I am way more excited for the latter.
  • Thanks to a comment from Jim and Loosen Your Belt and Eat Around Edmonton, I now know that the Whyte Avenue cupcake store just east of Gateway Boulevard, Flirt Cupcakes, is now open. They charge, for the record, $2.95 a cupcake. Apparently the one next to Funky Pickle is also open – anyone know what it is called?
  • Liane Faulder had the opportunity to interview New York Times columnist Mark Bittman last week about his new book, Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating. I’m interested in the recipes included – apparently over 75 of them.
  • New labelling regulations for organic products sold in Canada will commence June 30: “under the new federal regulations, only products with organic content greater than 95 per cent can be labelled organic, and use the new logo from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Foodstuffs with at least 70 per cent organic content can call themselves ‘organic products,’ but cannot use the logo.”
  • Max Satanove, of “Max’s Food Basket” fame (a weekly instalment that compared common grocery products) passed away on January 27. Foodie Suz wrote about his contributions here.
  • Todd Babiak wrote an interesting article about the ubiquitous presence of television screens in the city’s restaurants. I know I don’t mind them, but then again, it definitely marks the establishment as one that’s less than formal.
  • Dickson’s on vacation in Asia, and among other things, has stumbled upon some erm, interesting theme restaurants in Taiwan. One was a hospital-themed one, with waitresses dressed in nursing uniforms serving mystery concoctions to guests from plastic syringes. No, you read that correctly.
  • Starbucks’ latest cash grab: instant coffee called VIA Ready Brew. Why, Howard Schultz, why?
  • Eater’s series called “To Catch a Critic” (which strives to obtain photographs of New York’s top restaurant reviewers) makes me laugh. It makes me wonder if any Edmonton establishments ever had a photo of Judy Schultz posted up in their kitchen, heh.
  • I had a quick lunch at Caffe Sorrentino (10665 109 Street) last week. Talk about fast food – by the time I sat down, my slice of mostly hot lasagne ($8.50) was brought to me – it made me wonder if they microwaved it. They scrimped on the cheese, and tried to hide this by doling out extra sauce, but it was definitely noticeable. With the large windows and coffee bar, the cafe provides a nice atmosphere, but food-wise, they’re a bit weak.


Lasagne from Caffe Sorrentino

9 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 17, 2009

  1. I think the window poster said Fuss? Or something like that.

    Also, I heard Flirt cupcakes only had *2* flavours (chocolate and vanilla) and were very, very small for the price… uh oh.

  2. On the website for Downtown Dining Week it says that menus will be posted today at noon. There are quite a few new restaurants involved this year – I dont know how I am going to get to all of them in just a week!

  3. The place next to Funky Pickle is called “Fuss Cupcakes,” but they aren’t open yet; the sign still says “Coming Soon.”

    We’re looking forward to the meet up at Blue Plate… thanks for putting it together!

  4. I’m a sucker for Bittman so I picked up the book right when it came out. I haven’t made any of the recipes from the book yet, as I was more interested in the book for the message he is putting out, but they look good.

  5. Thanks for the tip Bellavino; I checked them out yesterday.

    Marianne and Zed – looking forward to seeing you again!

    Raidar – you’ll have to write about any recipes you try on your blog!

  6. I am hooked on Flirt’s raspberry cupcake!!! It’s delish! Last time I was in they had about 8 or so flavors? Maybe the 2 flavors was just for that day?

  7. I’ve been a customer of Fuss Cupcakes (formerly Cupcake Bakeshoppe) for the last couple of years. I was excited to try Flirt to see what the other cupcake place is about and honestly I was completely disapointed..their cupcakes are half the size and more expensive than Fuss Cupcakes..on top of that..they were just gross! They taste like plastic and the cake was really dry. Plus when I went they only had 2 flavors…Fuss has like 14 or 16 me skip Flirt and go to Fuss where they know how to make a cupcake!

  8. I loved the Flirt cupcakes, especially the nuts about you (peanut butter) one. It was beyond delicious.

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