Culinary Q & A with Courtney Jensen

Occupation:  Land Developer

What did you eat today? 

I had yogurt for breakfast with granola, flax seed and slivered almonds mixed in. I am going to New Asian Village for lunch, so I will eat tons of butter chicken and naan bread there (and a small token sampling of all the other dishes). My husband is making supper, so it is a mystery to me until I get home.

What do you never eat? 

I would say raisins, but I actually ate some in a salad I posted about while I was on vacation. I do not like them though, mostly because they remind me of bugs (they should never have told kids to eat ants on a log if they wanted them to LIKE raisins). I also don’t like processed cheese slices or cheese whiz or Velveeta because they creep me out a bit. I do eat most things though even if I don’t love them, if they are in a dish someone else has made.

What is your personal specialty? 

Things with peanut butter. People used to go nuts when I made peanut butter marshmallow squares – yes, the kind that are super easy and only involve four ingredients. I also do a peanut butter chicken marinade that seems to be popular. Other than that I think people like coming for dinner in hopes that they will eat something they wouldn’t make themselves.

Complete this sentence: In my refrigerator, you will always find:

margarine, milk, eggs, condiments (jams, ketchup, soy sauce, curry paste, pesto), cheese (usually four or five types), preserves (roasted red pepper, sundried tomato, artichokes), veggies, and frequently left overs. 

What is your weekday meal standby? 

I don’t really have a standby. Most of the time it is some sort of meat dish and some sort of veggie dish. Sometimes I will want something quick, so I go with a stir-fry or a pasta. In dire circumstances I make breakfast for dinner 🙂

What is your favorite kitchen item? 

My chefs knives (and santoku knife). They are super sharp and I love chopping things with them.

World ends tomorrow. Describe your last meal.

I would have to eat for hours! There would be lots of seafood, lots of cheese, and some curry. I suppose a good dose of peanut butter and chocolate would finish it off, and there would be wine with every dish, picked by someone that knows about wine, so not me.

Where do you eat out most frequently? 

I hit a lot of Indian buffets or sushi places for lunch, and for dinners I usually head downtown to one of the independent restaurants around. Some of my favorites are 4th and Vine, Red Ox Inn, and It’s All Greek to Me.

What’s the best place to eat in Edmonton? 

Right now I would have to say either Red Ox Inn or Sage (at the River Cree Casino), although Brooke raved about Characters after going there, I haven’t been recently enough to say.

If you weren’t limited by geography, where and what would you eat? 

I would go to Biarritz, France and see the woman that billeted my sister while she was there learning French, and just let her cook for me. When we were there she made us lots of food that was unreal, especially this one stew that had muscles and squid in it. It’s just great to eat local food done well by local cooks, and I like eating things that are different from what I usually make.

Courtney blogs at Take it and Like it.

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