Food Notes

  • I’m always happy when restaurant websites actually have content on them. So much so that it’s definitely something to note – welcome, Silk Hat, to the blogosphere!
  • The Journal reviewed the random Rice Bowl Express (8926 149 Street) on the weekend.
  • There was recent chatter on Chowhound about the whether or not the west end Julio’s Barrios has closed. Based on their website, and the listed locations, it looks like it is.
  • Via Loosen Your Belt and Eat Around Edmonton, I learned that the space that was formerly Cafe Select on the southside will become a second Original Joe’s outpost.
  • On the topic of blogs, I’ve noticed that the last few local food blogs that have come up are authored by duos. I wonder if this is a trend on the writing side of things – to offer multiple perspectives while splitting a time-consuming task.
  • Sobeys is pushing consumers to think about having lobster in place of turkey at Christmas this year. I have to say, seafood just doesn’t convey the holidays to me as much as poultry.
  • I’m pretty hard on most chain restaurants (particularly those selling the “upscale casual” idea), but some do escape my wrath. Milestones (1708 99 Street), for example, does a decent brunch, which I have written about in the past. Mack and I took his Grandma there prior to a movie this weekend. The menu has changed slightly since I had been there before, but the Prime Rib Hash ($12.95) looked good to me: slow roasted and thinly sliced prime rib tossed with crispy potatoes, bell peppers, sweet onion, roasted corn in our specialty hash seasoning, then topped with two poached eggs, real hollandaise, roma tomatoes and grilled herb toast. While it was all right, I probably should have gone with the no-fail Strawberry French Toast, which Mack’s Grandma ordered, as the kitchen was light on the prime rib, and the sauce flavouring the tomatoes was much too sweet.


Prime Rib Hash – so much food!


Strawberry French Toast

Grilled Shrimp California Benedict

  • Mack and I also stopped by the Vue Weekly Christmas party on Saturday, where we met Hanne and Carlo from Supper In Stereo (Hanne is also a fellow writer in the Dish section). It’s always lovely to finally meet people you’ve been reading online for some time.


The spread (half eaten) at Vue’s shindig

4 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. 1) I miss the Silk Hat, the way it used to be. Decent prices, wide variety – the steak sandwiches and omelettes were amongst the best I have had in the city. I have trouble bringing myself to spend $12+ on a burger.

    2) Rice Bowl Express is excellent – too bad the location conceals it. Once you find it, you have to go up a lot of stairs, not possible for all people.

    3) I think there is already another location of Original Joe’s, in the Riverbend area.

  2. For sure the duos have a lot to do with saving work and having more than one perspective. It also means you always have a willing dinner companion or fellow chef if you are taking on a recipe that looks a bit tough.

  3. Paula – you’re right, there are 2 (plus another in St. Albert) Original Joe’s in Edmonton. I had no idea!

    CourtJ – I can understand how having more than one author can make things easier!

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