Food Notes

  • A profile I wrote about Cindy Lazarenko of Culina Highlands hit the stands on Thursday. I was remiss with the space limitations for that article in particular, because I felt I had so much more I could write. So here’s a quote I would have shared if I had more room: “You watch these Food Network [shows and] it doesn’t have to be like that – oh Rachel Ray makes these half hour dinners– [but] did you see the list of ingredients? Do you have that much money? It would cost so much money to make all these different things. It really just has to be simple – roasted chicken. Have chicken and vegetables and potatoes. And then the next day you can have a chicken quesadilla with the leftover chicken. Keep it simple. We don’t have to eat every ethnic food out there for dinner every night. We just really need to eat basic food. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. To me it’s not that difficult to just cook.”
  • See Magazine reviewed the new Kai Asian Grill last week (I’m hoping they fix the alignment of the article soon; it looks like they just debuted a new website), and Allan Kellogg put the Silk Hat to the test in the Journal.
  • I passed by a new Good Earth Cafe in the government district (12056 Jasper Avenue) the other day. It looked really nice from the outside at least.
  • Another gadget very few would have room for in their kitchen: a microwave s’mores maker.
  • A story I first saw on CNN, but worth reading about – a farm couple opened their farm up to anyone who wanted to pick their leftover vegetables, and 40,000 people showed up.
  • Also a sort of “harvest”, and only Andrea could send this to me – a cookbook full of recipes where human semen is an ingredient.

6 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. I can’t agree more with Cindy, but have to come to the defense of 1) Michael Smith for trying to do what she’s talking about, and 2) even more so – Jamie Oliver. Of all people…I know. I can’t think of a celeb chefs more committed to the promotion of growing your own food and keeping things fresh and simple.

    Good content, btw.

  2. Came across your food blog while looking for other food blogs from the Edmonton area (my sister in law and I just started one). Nice! The See Magazine page shows up fine in Firefox.

  3. Kevin – I agree with you – the two chefs that you listed are firmly entrenched in the movement of simple food. I know personally, however, I find that I do need a recipe to guide me, and their ‘off the cuff’ style is a bit intimidating.

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