The Cooking Chronicles: Vegetable Tortellini Bowl

Darn, another recipe that was great to eat but I can’t locate on the internet…

On a day when I was feeling under the weather and craving something warm with vegetables, I turned to a trusty Company’s Coming cookbook for Vegetable Tortellini soup. I figured the filled pasta would give the soup that extra filler, and if nothing else, the tricolore tortellini provided some nice color.

Instead of diced tomatoes, I used a can of whole tomatoes, which, by the time we were ready to eat the soup, lent the chicken stock a lovely red hue. Along with the tomatoes, I threw in the recommended carrot, zucchini, bell pepper, and substituted celery for spinach, and the recipe turned out wonderfully. I remember Jane saying that she was in a “soup phase” at one point – if all soups are this easy and tasty to boot, I may be in one soon too.

Vegetable Tortellini Bowl

3 thoughts on “The Cooking Chronicles: Vegetable Tortellini Bowl

  1. Still firmly in the soup phase….you should have seen me salivating over a giant soup pot when I was shopping yesterday. I’m debating between purchasing a giant pot or an immersion blender next. I’m tired of pouring out cream soups into my blender! I also recently tried my hand at a Chinese soup that turned out pretty decent.

  2. I’m pretty sure it was just a stock/soup pot. It was so big I could have stuck my head in it with room to spare.

    Maybe if I get an immersion blender I’ll do half the soup with a food processor/blender and the other half with the immersion one to see if there’s a difference.

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