Food Notes

  • The Edmonton Food Security Network is offering its first of five learning events, “designed for front-line service providers who work on food security issues as well as community members”. The upcoming session will take place on Tuesday, November 4 from 9-11am at City of Edmonton – Community Services Circle Square (11808 St. Albert Trail). Direct your RSVPs here.
  • The second branch of Culina has been open for nearly a month in the old Bacon location (6509 112 Avenue, 780-477-2422). Alan Kellogg gave it a thumbs up in the Journal.
  • The site formerly occupied by Sapphire Lounge (10416 82 Avenue) will be transformed “soon” into the Sabezy Cafe.
  • I passed by a new catering/bistro(?) place called d’licious in the High Street area the other day. It is also “coming soon”.
  • Via the Edible Prairie Journal, a link to enRoute’s list of the 10-best Canadian eateries. No Edmonton entries, but Calgary’s Chef’s Table made the cut.
  • Also via the Edible Prairie, I found out that Transcend‘s Chad Moss recently placed fourth at the Canadian Barista Championships. Read more about his experience at their blog.
  • Since being bitten by the entertaining bug, I know I like collecting ideas for off-beat food gatherings. Amber Hildebrandt’s grilled cheese party seems like the perfect combination of spontaneity and ease.
  • Mack sent me an interesting post by Darren Barefoot, where he muses about the idea of seasoning. I don’t know about you, but even if my dish contains “enough” pepper, I can never resist reaching for the tabletop peppercorn grinder anyway…
  • I’ve been meaning to try Safeway’s bakery cupcakes since spying them in the case a few months back. Priced at just $1.50 each, you can’t beat the price. The cake itself was moist and not too sweet, but the latter could not be said for the icing, and I ended up trashing most of it. Decent deal to satisfy one’s sweet tooth though.


Banana Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes

  • I took some time this weekend to drop by the second Sobeys Urban Fresh in the Garneau neighbourhood (8225 – 112 Street). It’s definitely not as nice as the flagship store, as the low ceiling and relative lack of windows contribute to its more bunker-like feel. There is a huge prepared food aisle with not only ready-to-heat items, but even packaged food that has already been cooked (seriously, they were selling pre-cooked steak in the cooler). The bakery had a few boxes of vegan cupcakes (4 for $8), likely in an attempt to try and appeal to some of the organic shoppers that may have perused Organic Roots in the past. The Bistro immediately attracted me with their bank of windows and bright design, and I could see students being drawn in with their menu of pizzas, burgers, and pub fare.


Prepared food aisle



4 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. I was just on the Bath and Body Works website and they have cupcake bath bubbles! You drop a cupcake in the tub … I think I’d like one of those better than eating one.

  2. Haha, I had the exact same thoughts to those Safeway cupcakes. I also thought the icing looked a lot like a colorful turd.

    … I have yet to find anything better than making your own cupcakes at home, using Billy’s Bakery vanilla vanilla recipe. When I was in New York, I actually went to Billy’s Bakery and compared the cupcake there with the one I made at home with their recipe, and they were on par. 🙂

  3. We didn’t make it to Billy’s Bakery when in New York last year, but we did try Magnolia while on the “Sex & the City” tour. I may have to try the recipe now after reading your personal endorsement :).

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