Food Notes

  • If you’re in the downtown area at lunch hour on Friday, be sure to check out the Chili Cook-off at Scotia Place. Sample chili and check out the rodeo atmosphere!
  • The Hat opened last week (why restaurants don’t get their websites together prior to the launch is beyond me). Here’s a short primer article about it in the Journal – The Hat’s focus is on burgers.
  • Christopher Thrall wrote a great piece about the family behind New Asian Village this week.
  • I saw a news story recently about Health Fare (10865 23 Avenue), a restaurant that bills itself as a ‘healthy fast food’ outlet. They apparently have a computer that will help you determine the appropriate number of calories to consume per meal, and entrees with total caloric content listed. A little too much work for me, but might be interesting to try.
  • A quick decision at the Kingsway Garden Mall food court yielded me a plate of Butter Chicken from Badass Jack’s. There was a funny colour to the sauce (almost salmon), but had the chicken been even a little bit moist, I would have forgiven the aesthetics of the dish.


Badass Jack’s Butter Chicken

  • I had a Panino Veneto at the City Centre location of Caffe Sorrentino last week. It was smokin’ hot, with a generous amount of melted cheese, but the brie pretty much overtook any turkey and cranberry mayo flavours that may have been present.


Panino Veneto (the sandwich really wasn’t green…the overhead fluorescent lights makes it appear so)

  • I tried Starbucks’ Perfect Oatmeal the other day (with a coupon), and it reminded me how much I dislike oatmeal (nothing against the Starbucks’ version). The packaging also seemed excessive – a plastic-wrapped spoon, plastic-encased raisins, a packet of brown sugar, and of course, the container of oatmeal itself.


Perfect Oatmeal

9 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. I think Starbucks should just stick to selling coffee…I remember eating their breakfast burrito thing in NY and it was shoved in the back of the fridge…yum, so fresh :S

  2. I haven’t been to a Badass location in years, and it surprised me to read that they serve butter chicken. I’m such a fan of it at Maurya on 34th ave that I think I would have a hard time ordering it elsewhere.

    As a “healthy” eater, I am looking forward to making a trek over to Health Fare. I’m a big fan of seeing nutritional profiles and always appreciate having a resource to look through.

    Oddly enough I made some oatmeal and coffee to go with my early morning blog reading. And I get to do it without visiting a Starbucks.

  3. Yay me! Thanks for the nod, Sharon – it was fun to write. Wait until you see next week’s piece about Calgary’s hot dog cuisine… What do you have coming up in the paper?

  4. I haven’t tried the burrito from Starbucks, but I did try the breakfast sandwich a few months ago. Decent, but nothing to scream about:

    Good for you for eating healthy, Raidar. I guess I’m just of the “eat what I want to” mentality, heh.

    Christopher – I have been to Tubby Dog, but not to Le Chien Chaud. Have to give it a try some time. I’m working on a few things, but no concrete dates yet.

  5. I had the oatmeal at Starbuck’s recently and was not impressed. It was just a packet of Quaker oats (or something like it – I saw it being prepared and the person ripped open a pack of oats) in hot water – I can do the same at home for much cheaper. A much better value is the fruit, yogurt, and granola parfait – really delicious, fresh fruit, and makes a great snack.

  6. Oh noo, I missed the chili cook-off! I should read your blog more often. You are really doing a great job! I suddenly feel like I live in a culinarily exciting city!

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