Food Notes

  • My blog turns two today! You know you’re addicted to the medium when you refer to some things occurring “before blog” and “after blog”, heh. I’m still enjoying the ride, and the slow expansion of my writing borders. Thanks always for reading!
  • Congratulations to Team NAIT, who performed superbly at the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, Germany this weekend. Every member of the team medalled, and two competitors were able to secure gold. I was privileged enough to be invited to one of their practice sessions in September – click here to read.
  • Edmonton’s second Sobeys Urban Fresh, situated in the old location of Planet Organic Roots in the Garneau neighbourhood (8225 – 112 Street), opened last Thursday. As individual stores are designed with the immediate community in mind, this branch features a large floral selection because of the nearby hospital and frozen meals to cater to university students.
  • An interview with Chris Lachance, head of the Century Hospitality Group that just opened Hundred Bar Kitchen, reveals that he has plans for a sushi concept named Stingray tentatively slated for next spring.
  • Kerstin’s Chocolates, my favourite confectioner, will be unveiling a new Chocophilia bar at this weekend’s Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. They also have a new product that I’ll have to try: Chocolate Melt-aways, made with a mixture of chocolate and cocoa butter.
  • There’s a new Vietnamese place in town: My Tho (9261 – 34 Ave, 780-988-2968). It was reviewed in Vue Weekly this past week.
  • Edmonton’s newest duelling piano bar (who knew there was a market for this?), The Red Piano on Bourbon Street in West Edmonton Mall, will host its grand opening on October 31.
  • There has been some chatter on Connect2Edmonton about Nikita’s (and possibly Le Table de Renoir) having been shut down. Does anyone know anything new?
  • The Journal had a bit piece on Bistecca, the new Sorrentino’s Group outpost, last week.
  • FoodTV is looking for “restaurant scouts”: if you have a notable restaurant in your community, send it in and you’ll be considered for monthly prizes. November’s challenge is your local “hidden gem”.
  • Zagat reports that automated ordering is the way of the future. While I’m not sure I would enjoy interacting with screens beyond the initial novelty of it, I’d definitely try it out.

10 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. It was very rude of Sobeys to kick Roots out of the Garneau premises. So I will not shop there – ever! Alas, everybody else will….

  2. congrats on two years! now you have to take up my suggestion of adding “fashion” to your blog 😉

  3. congrats to you on two years…i have only discovered you within the last year or so and must say i LOVE your blog….i dont miss a posting….

    have a piece of cake for me!

    su 🙂

  4. Congrats! I’ve been reading your blog regularly for a few months now, and I absolutely love it. Keep on bloggin’!

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