Food Notes

  • Liane Faulder wrote about a new sushi place called Teriyaki Corner (6290 199 Street NW) and about the forthcoming opening of a second Sobeys Urban Fresh on campus. I still have no idea what the Journal is doing to her (or what she is doing to herself…I still can’t figure it out) – the front page article this past week was a reprint from a Canwest affiliate, and her only contribution was a compilation of little pieces of news. The only article so far that I’ve really enjoyed of hers was a few weeks back, about her crash course at the NAIT School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts. Obviously, the market scene still belongs to Judy Schultz, but Liane needs to carve out her identity, pronto.
  • There’s a new cafe in town: Danilo’s is a new caffe bar in Westmount (118 Avenue and St. Albert Trail). It received a mixed review in the Journal a month ago.
  • Devlin’s received an absolutely rocking review in the Journal this weekend. Great for Executive Chef Sebastian Lysz.
  • While I’m sure the September 17 FEASTival of Fine Chefs will be great (sold out a month in advance), it’s hard to imagine paying $105 for a meal. Of course, at this point, I am used to paying upwards of $40 a plate without blinking, so perhaps I just need some time to build up a price tolerance.
  • The New York Times did a piece about Susur Lee’s preparations for his first venture into the city’s dining scene. He seems eerily unfazed by the pressure.
  • Worth a visit for the name alone, New York’s upcoming Permanent Brunch will offer a “bacon list” in place of a typical wine list. The owner’s bacon tasting strategy cracked me up: “We’ll taste four or five things and then do a shot of Lipitor.”
  • I stopped by City Centre Mall last week and came across a makeshift cafe offering free samples of Nescafe coffee. Bright orange and brown signage, funky acrylic furniture, and a tidy coffee bar drew my attention easily, and I was able to get a sample of the caramel latte for free (decent, creamy drink from powder). It turns out the cafe has been making the rounds around shopping malls in Edmonton, and City Centre was their last stop. They will be there until September 9.


Nescafe cafe

  • On our way to the City Centre Market this weekend, we passed by the Beaver Hills Park on 105th Street and picked up some free corn, courtesy of the Downtown Edmonton Community League.


With corn

  • We stopped by the Sunshine Organics booth for a bit of breakfast at the Market. We each had a Bean North Roasters coffee ($2.15) and a Ham, Egg and Cheese Bun ($6). Made with a spelt bun and topped with a tomato, it felt like the healthiest breakfast either of us had eaten in some time.


Ham, Egg and Cheese Bun from Sunshine Organics

  • After picking up a few things, we wandered into 29 Armstrong (10129 104 Street), a design-forward furniture store in the Warehouse District, where we took in a few clever installations. I also learned from City Palate that the store doubles as a cafe, offering Transcend-roasted coffee and Vietnamese subs and desserts from Nhon Hoa.


One of 29 Armstrong’s installations

2 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. The Journal is currently in the upheaval of losing a major editor (Chris Standring) to retirement and having a new one come in. Liane has been attending classes and scouting out fall features. There will be one coming up on entertaining in the home, and another on local cooking. Be patient. Judy was the big dog for a long time and Canwest is a funny place these days.

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