Food Notes

  • Kerstin’s Chocolates has reopened after their summer holiday and will be holding a special event for their “VIPs” on Thursday, September 4 from 5-9pm, with free drinking chocolate, an unveiling of their new products, and launching of a wedding cake service (with samples). Head to The Cocoa Room (10139 112 Street) if you’re interested.
  • For those in the downtown core, the 9th annual 4 Corners BBQ takes place this Friday, September 5th. Head to Abbey Glen Park (102 Street and Jasper Avenue) for a $5 barbecue lunch.
  • The Downtown Edmonton Community League is hosting their annual Corn Fest on September 6 at Beaver Hills Park (105 Street and Jasper Avenue). I’m not sure what’s involved, but I’m assuming corn will be served in some capacity.
  • At my local Panago yesterday, I picked up a copy of “Panago Cucina”, a beautifully put-together magazine featuring recipes using their house line of products including oils and seasoning salts. They’ve really done a great job marketing their brand as one offering “upscale” pizza.
  • Even for those on the waffle side of the fence, the idea of spraying pancake batter from an aerosol can must be an irresistible selling factor of Batter Blaster. I must admit, even from the review on Chow, I’d buy it for the novelty factor alone.
  • Mack and I stopped by the St. Albert Farmers’ Market just before heading off to Goose Lake on Saturday. As I was in the mood for produce and edibles, I was disappointed to see that the majority of the vendors were selling crafts or jewelry that day. After walking through, we went back and picked up some blackberries, tomatoes, basil and homemade cookies.


At the market

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