The Cooking Chronicles: Pantry Pasta

I have never been an improviser in the kitchen, and have always had to rely on recipes at least as a guide to make anything edible. Last week, after several days of eating out, I was so desperate for the semblance of a home-cooked meal that I resorted to anything that could be culled from Mack’s pantry and fridge.

We ended up with my “pantry pasta” – penne, tossed with a can of tomato, basil and oregano soup, half a can of water, two cups of frozen peas, a diced chicken breast that had been panned fried, and two handfuls of cheddar cheese. The result wasn’t all that bad. Mack isn’t a huge fan of peas, but I thought the added texture (and the “illusion of health”) made the pasta a tad more interesting.

Turns out it’s not that scary cooking without a recipe. But really, what I think I enjoyed most was the challenge of being able to make a meal from what was on hand and nothing else.

Pantry Pasta

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