Food Notes

  • The first of my FoodTV posts went live on Monday! Check out my write-up on the City Centre Market here.
  • Doggie-Style Deli, a cafe for dogs, just opened on the city’s west end. One question: why?
  • Edible Arrangements, the American-based company that has elevated the art of fruit arrangements, now has a store in Edmonton (102, 10179 105 Street, 429-2802).
  • I read on Chowhound that there are 3-course prix fixe meals available at some of Calgary’s reputable establishments, including Brava Bistro and Blink, outside of a “dine out week” event. I hope Edmonton follows this trend.
  • Capital Health (spurned by Edmonton Journal’s own searchable database a few years ago) launched a website that will allow those interested to look-up recent inspection reports.
  • Vij’s, famed for their Indian cuisine, has just added a bread-like dish called parantha made with ground crickets to their menu. His reasoning behind choosing to grind the crickets is spot on: “We decided to grind them into a flour so there was no visual effect, because in North America we eat with our eyes – if something does not look appealing, we tend not to eat it.” I hope to be able to try it when I’m in Vancouver later this summer.
  • Catherine Jheon at Food TV posted about a photography ban at David Chang’s popular Momofuku Ko. I’m not sure I agree with it, but it’s his restaurant, and he can set the rules, especially for a place where the seats are in such high demand.
  • I tried the new Margherita Pizza from Panago recently. While not as good as more “authentic” thin-crust pizzas from Leva or daCapo, it was pretty good. The fresh mozzarella made the pie.


Margherita Pizza

  • Easily seduced by the smell of fresh baked goods, I wandered over to Handy Bakery (8660 118 Avenue) after a meeting last week. Keen on tasting the difference between Chinese and Portuguese Egg Tarts, I picked up half a dozen for my family and I. Sweeter, with a caramelized surface supplemented by the buttery flakiness of puff pastry, each tart was a little piece of heaven. Liane Faulder introduced Nata, a new Portuguese Bakery in this week’s Bistro – I will definitely have to try their tarts some time as well.


Portuguese Egg Tarts

2 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. I wanted to try the Portuguese egg tarts after I read about it in the Journal too! Which do you like better?

  2. When I first took a bite of the Portuguese Tart, I said those were better, but really, after thinking about it, they’re too different to compare. The Portuguese versions are sweeter, and make a better dessert, but the warm Chinese versions are irreplaceable at dim sum.

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