Food Notes

  • Sure there’s the matter of service, ambiance, and of course, the food to consider, but who knew some critics also consider the noise level of a restaurant? Apparently, it is becoming a rapidly increasing issue with diners (Vancouver’s Salt Tasting Room, featured on a recent episode of Giada’s Weekend Getaways, rated off the the noise charts).
  • The Clover individual-cup coffee brewing machine is taking the world by storm. Starbucks is testing it in Seattle and Boston, selling the French-press brewed coffees for $2.25-2.50.
  • As Starbucks phases out their hot food menu, Second Cup has decided to expand theirs.
  • I am not alone: I found a group of Chowhounders who aren’t shy about their dislike of Earls and Joey’s, amongst other chains. Long live dissent!
  • Also scooped from Chowhound: The Cocoa Room (10139 112 Street) is now open downtown, a retail location dedicated to the Chocophilia line of goods.
  • As reported in the Edmonton Journal, the purveyors of Maurya Palace will be opening up a “high end” Indian restaurant on Whyte Avenue and 105th Street in about six weeks called Original India.
  • Philanthropic food photography: New York’s City Harvest is the beneficiary of an auction selling pictures of mouth-watering dishes prepared by well-known chefs. Cool idea.
  • There’s a great piece by Ed Levine over at Serious Eats which addresses the question: does “authentic” ethnic food trump delicious?
  • Lastly, I joined my first group on Flickr – pictures of Ina Garten’s recipes.

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