The Cooking Chronicles: BBQ Pizza

Taking advantage of what may have been the last warm day before the cruel plunge into winter, I pulled out a recipe I had wanted to try all summer – pizza on the barbecue.

Using Ricardo’s recipe for dough, and guidance on grilling pizza from an MSN Lifestyle page I can no longer locate, I can’t say this is one for impatient cooks. Waiting the hour for the dough to rise was painful, and as I had got started late to begin with, I’m not sure I wouldn’t have been better off heading to the nearest grocery store in that time to pick up frozen bread dough to work with instead. For toppings, I went with a blend of asiago and mozzarella cheeses, roma tomatoes and green peppers (I couldn’t for the life of me find fresh basil that afternoon).

After the hour, I split the dough in half, and Amanda and I each pounded out a disc with our hands. With my Dad’s help, we toasted one side of the bread for a few minutes, flipped it over, then topped it with tomato sauce, cheese and vegetables. The last step involved closing the lid and allowing indirect heat to melt the cheese and finish cooking the pizza.

I was quite happy with the finished product – the dough was crunchy, and the grill for the most part acted like pizza stone of sorts.

So, perhaps it may be time to invest in a pizza stone (just in time for winter)…

On the grill (it was dark by this time…)

Ready to eat!

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