Random Notes

I would prefer to avoid shorthand posts, but they are such a convenient fallback when no elaboration is needed. So here, again:

  • The Edmonton Journal created a new section in Saturday’s edition called “Style” two weeks ago. From what I can tell, it is an amalgamation of everything the Globe’s daily “Life” is – a snapshot of home decor, a piece on fashion, a restaurant review – but all very haphazard and scattered. I never knew what happened to “Ed” (it seemed to just disappear from print, at least), but “Style” is a very poor follow-up, if that is indeed what it is.
  • On that note, my weekly round-up, as seen in the Globe & Mail: a table shaped like a grand piano that brings new meaning to “dinner music”; and a photo group on Flickr that celebrates the greatness of a brown bag lunch.
  • Speaking of Flickr, Mack was nice enough to buy me a Flickr Pro account this week, slyly pushing me to integrate further into the throes of Web 2.0 life. Thanks Mack!
  • My beloved TelevisionWithoutPity got a makeover recently. At quick glance, they got rid of the clever show icons in favor of network pictures, and ads are more prominent on the frontpage, unfortunately. It’s definitely shinier, but now looks suspiciously corporate…what do you think?
  • I was very happy to read that the rest of the Sex & the City‘s season 6 regulars, David Eigenberg, Evan Handler and Jason Lewis, were secured for the upcoming movie. I had to suppress a squee when I saw the first production still. Ah, to heck with it – squee!

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