Food Notes

  • I tried the “new” Chicken Snack Wrap at McDonald’s for the first time yesterday, and much to my disappointment, it wasn’t very good. My dislike of ranch sauce may have contributed to my overall negative opinion, but really, given the choice, I’d have a bacon(!) cheeseburger any day.
  • While on campus last week, I headed to Edmonton’s first Good Earth Coffeehouse and Bakery (8623-112 Street), a Calgary mainstay. Located in Campus Towers, occupying the old Second Cup/Great Canadian Bagel space, I was floored at the complete overhaul of the decor. With new flooring, painted walls, and sturdy wooden furniture (the old metal chairs were a deterrent to hour-long study sessions), I’m sure Good Earth will become a student favorite soon enough. The downside – the prices definitely reflect the more upscale design. As I mentioned in early March, I had read that their scones were quite good, so I bought a mixed berry one to try. It rang up to $2.75. Though it wasn’t bad (the consistency was sweeter and tasted more cakey than a traditional scone), it definitely wasn’t worth three dollars. I didn’t have time to take a picture to do the new space justice, but this will have to do for now:

  • After brunch on Sunday, Bettina and I ducked into Culina’s neighbour, Wild Earth Bakery (8902-99 Street), for a quick dessert. More of a coffee shop than a full-service bakery like Bee Bell or Cobbs, their pastry selection wasn’t too extensive. We decided to each try a small tart – blueberry for me while Bettina opted for the pecan version. Preserved in a cooler, it would have tasted better at room temperature. We didn’t end up staying too long, but it seemed like a nice alternative for those looking beyond mainstream coffee chains.

  • I’d love to start an indoor herb garden. Since I started cooking with fresh herbs, I realized how expensive they are. For example, to make a traditional pesto, I’d need at least 3 cups of basil. Mack and I picked up a 40g container of basil at the Italian Centre for our pizza the other day for $2.40. Similarly, even with the packaged herb sale at Sobey’s this week, I’d easily spend over $10 for enough fresh dill called upon in a cheddar-dill scone recipe I’m interested in making. Who knew cooking could actually end up being pricier than eating out?
  • The outdoor City Market reopens in the downtown core in less than three weeks on May 19! This means the return of fresh produce, mini doughnuts and popcorn, and my favorite Whimsical Cupcakes on Saturday mornings. There’s nothing better than brunch at Blue Plate Diner followed by a stroll at the farmer’s market. Be sure to check it out!

7 thoughts on “Food Notes

  1. I tried the Chicken Snap Wrap too. I liked it, mostly because it was a good size. That plus a glass of milk and some corn was the perfect size dinner.

  2. And I apparently can’t type either. Because it clearly is a Chicken SNACK Wrap.

  3. I still prefer the bacon cheeseburger, but not all chicken at McDonald’s is bad. If the McNuggets were cheaper, I’d eat them all the time! (so healthy)

  4. the blueberry tart looks yummy and better than anything from Starbucks 🙂

  5. Lovely stuff! I travelled to the UK this summer and had my first ever afternoon tea with scones , and it was so delicious I figured I’d try make my own last weekend. I might have deviated from the norm though – I found a site full of random scone recipes here and made 3 different ones! My friends were so happy when I invited them round for tea and scones, complete with real whipped cream. Lots of fun!

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