The Cooking Chronicles: More-Peas-if-You-Please Penne

Slowly edging up the solid food chain, I decided to satisfy my pasta craving with Rachel Ray’s More-Peas-if-You-Please Penne. Eye-rolling recipe name aside, I know I give Ray quite a bit of flack for her grating on-screen personality, but I must say, she does have a knack for creating quick and easy weekday supper savers, of which this is a prime example. I’ve also been on the lookout for pasta recipes that don’t use the more run-of-the-mill bottled marinara or alfredo sauces (though don’t get me wrong – I know I’d always have a few stored in my pantry, just in case).

Save omitting the basil, I followed the directions as written. The result was a satisfying, semi-creamy pasta dish celebrating the versatility of peas – in both the “sauce” and as a vegetable additive (I had really forgotten how good peas are). Next time, I’d hold off on some of the ricotta in favor of even more peas, and have the foresight not to discard all of the pasta water (oops…).
This recipe is definitely worth a try if you’re out of dinner ideas!
More-Peas-if-You-Please Penne

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