Milestone #1

My own O.C. (cheesy, I know) celebrates its three month birthday today, reaching the first milestone I set for myself in December.

As of this post, I have accumulated 100 entries, which works out to an average of 1 post per day. While I doubt I will be able to maintain such a breakneck pace throughout my blogging life (interesting how such phrases have managed to work their way into my vocabulary), I can say it has been quite an enjoyable experience thus far.

At times, yes, it does feel like a chore to have to timely document most activities in my life, but I know in the future I will come to appreciate this record. I suppose one of the things I am struggling with is this exactly – there is no end date on this blog; it’s meant to be active, continuously developed, dynamically changing as I grow. This is a challenge, as with most tasks – papers, projects – there exists a definite end date. It is my hope that I am able to surpass this honeymoon period, this initial stage of enthusiasm, and maintain this blog for years to come.

Thanks for reading and for your comments so far!

2 thoughts on “Milestone #1

  1. I hope it doesn’t feel like a chore forever :)And remember, it’s okay to take a break. I’ve done it a couple times.Congrats!

  2. It’s too early to take a break :). But thanks for your concern about burnout – I’ll do my best to keep this in check.

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