From Santa: the Canon PowerShot SD600

My parents were thoughtful and kind enough to buy me a camera this Christmas. As my penchant for photography has steadily developed since beginning this blog, they knew I had outgrown the family camera.

The Canon PowerShot SD600 is perfect to tote around in my purse – lightweight, easy to use, with a large 2.5 inch viewing screen – I feel like I am well equipped to capture passing ‘Kodak moments.’ Also, armed with a 2GB memory card and waterproof case, the camera really does travel well (though yes, I wish the screen had come with a protective plastic film!).

Besides knowing how to turn the flash on and off, and how to set the quality of the photos taken, I really haven’t played much with the features yet. One aspect that I did want to highlight however, is the split second of black that separates the pictures when flipping through them in the play mode – it generates the feeling of a PowerPoint slideshow; very cool.

I look forward to getting to know my camera over the next few months and of course, continuing to post pictures of my culinary adventures!

Front (pictures taken from Steve’s Digicams)


2 thoughts on “From Santa: the Canon PowerShot SD600

  1. Hey Sharon,Let me know how the camera works. Take some good food pics 🙂 Does it have video capability?

  2. Hi Violet!Next time you’re by for a visit, remind me to show the camera to you.Yes, there is video capability, though I haven’t yet tested it out. Beyond pointing and shooting, I haven’t done much with it yet, I’m afraid.And stay tuned for more food photos :).

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