Culinary Q & A with Sharon

What did you eat today?

A tall mild from Starbucks and my mum’s orange pound cake for breakfast. A fruit & nut granola bar for my midday snack. A container of peach yogurt, another loaf of pound cake, and a box of orange juice for lunch. A mug of Twinings green tea in the afternoon. A decaf, non-fat, no-whip cinnamon dolce latte after work. And chicken fingers and fries at City Centre’s Elephant & Castle for dinner. Whoo, am I ever unhealthy.

What do you never eat?

Blue cheese. I had an awful experience involving preschool-kinders, a cheese tasting, and vomit.

What is your personal specialty?

Anything involving baked eggs, but in particular, mini frittatas.

What is your favorite kitchen item?

I have fallen in love with pepper mills. I can’t believe I lived without fresh ground pepper for so many years!

World ends tomorrow. Describe your last meal.

Champagne cocktail. Portobello mushroom puff pastries to start. Medium rare filet mingon with a side of grilled vegetables (zucchini is a must!). Whipped chocolate mousse and strawberry apple Passion Flakie for dessert. Cup of mild coffee to end.

Where do you eat out most frequently?

Pagolac on Edmonton’s southside.

What’s the best place to eat in Edmonton?

Blue Plate Diner for the ambiance, Hardware Grill for the food and Madison’s Grill for a premium combination of both.

If you weren’t limited by geography, where and what would you eat?

At an outdoor food market in Brunei. I would order a plate of char kway teow and a tall glass of iced desi. An entire meal for about $3. Yum!

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