The Cooking Chronicles: Lemon Tarts with Fresh Raspberries

When May asked me to bring a dessert for a lunch she was having on the weekend, I knew I wanted to make something to reflect the bounty of the summer harvest. I had a few shortlisted recipes, but flipping through the Style section in the Edmonton Journal on Saturday, a recipe for Lemon Tarts with Fresh Raspberries caught my eye.

I had intentions of going to a U-Pick farm to gather raspberries myself, but with poor timing (and a full day on the Capital Modern Tour), I ended up with a pint of fruit from Safeway. The pre-made shells made things easier, and the lemon filling was straightforward to make and set and in the par-baked tart shells. Something in the filling congealed after cooling the tarts down, but it didn’t seem to affect the taste. Finished off with four raspberries each and a dash of icing sugar, I was done. I loved their vibrant, contrasting colours.

I found the filling a tad sour for my taste (as did my Mum), but May and her guests seemed to like them enough. I’d make this recipe again, but there are too many others waiting in the wings for me to duplicate it again this year.

Lemon Tarts with Fresh Raspberries