The Cooking Chronicles: Breakfast Meetings

 For the past few months, Mack and I have been hosting the Eat Alberta planning meetings at our place. It just made sense, location and finance wise.

Since we didn’t have to travel at all for the meetings, I’ve been making an effort to prepare and serve the group baked goods (and some weeks, have had great help from Su and Valerie). After all, no fruitful discussions can come on an empty stomach!

Cream Drop Scones

A Dinner with Julie recipe for cream drop scones was great in a pinch. Five minutes of prep, fifteen minutes in the oven, I pulled them out just as the group was arriving.

We served it with some Johnson Family Farm butter and August Organics jam, and in spite of the sugar sprinkle, I found the added sweetness from the jam necessary to bump up the flavour. Valerie commented that the biscuits would work well in a strawberry shortcake.

Cream Drop Scones

Cream drop scones

Blueberry Yogurt Muffins

More recently, I made a batch of blueberry yogurt muffins, using yogurt from Smoky Valley Goat Cheese (really, one of the most inexpensive products you can buy at the City Market alongside MoNa’s cremini mushrooms – $3 for a 480 mL container of farm fresh yogurt).

I probably could have included more orange zest for further citrus zing, but in terms of texture, the muffins had nice crackly tops that gave way to moist, fluffy interiors. A definite winner!

Blueberry Yogurt Muffins

Blueberry yogurt muffins

Like the breakfast banana muffins, I’m truly learning that baking doesn’t have to be an activity relegated to a Sunday afternoon. If you have ten minutes, you can bake too!