Spin that wheel!

I saw this featured in today’s Home Outfitters catalogue, and I couldn’t resist posting about it.

The Rakku Shoe Wheel has been around for a while (even winning some kind of design award last year), but this is the first I’ve seen of it. What a whimsical but practical way to keep your shoe collection in check! And while my mostly black flats would not look as pretty as pairs of pumps transported from the 80s, it’d certainly be a fun way to select what to wear in the morning.

They should get cracking on designing a wheel that would work for the boots all Canadian girls have in stock.

Shoe Shopping: Flat-out Difficult

Bettina can attest to how many shoe stores we traipsed through while in Montreal last year after being bitten by the “flat bug.” Still, due to my more than picky nature when it comes to shoes, I only managed to find a pair I bought as a last resort, and one that I really haven’t worn all that often.

With my upcoming Europe trip, I decided a pair of black flats would be indispensible, as I’m planning on a wardrobe to bridge the line between touristy-comfort and casual chic (I never like looking out of place, but as we will be traveling with a tour group, I’m sure I won’t be able to escape the “foreigner” label, but I’ll do my best). Of course, I’m sure by the time I get there, facing 40 degree temperatures, all careful planning will go out the window, but at least I had some good intentions, right?

Anyway, after a few weeks of shopping, I settled on Steve Madden’s Twillo flats, purchased on sale at Da Vinci’s in Edmonton City Centre. I figure they’re dressy enough to pair with the skirts and dresses I’m bringing along, but casual enough to go with my jeans and capris as well. I’ve worn them a few times so far, and though the leather soles tend to crunch rocks underneath rather loudly, they’ve proven to be quite comfortable. The real test will be the state of my feet when I return, so stay tuned!

Steve Madden Twillo flats

On the topic of shoes – during one of my last trips to Gravity Pope on Whyte Avenue, the manager talked about an exciting event taking place in late June. Having moved all of their clothing merchandise to a separate location two blocks away, the newly shoe-only store found itself with a lot more space. So much space that they decided they could act as a venue for a play about shoes. Vancouver playwright Elaine Avila’s Shoe! asks the question, “Can self-worth be purchased through the perfect pair of shoes?” I’ll be finding out the answer next week. More information at TixontheSquare.