Reactine, Christmas generosity, and Ezio Farone Park

A few things before Christmas:

  • I love Lucky the Golden Retriever as much as the next person, but my allergies typically start acting up before the two hour mark after contact. Encouraged by Mack, I took some Reactine before heading to Jane’s house for the potluck last Friday, and it worked wonders. Why hadn’t I thought of it before?
  • Shopping on Saturday with May at Edmonton City Centre, I stopped in Mayfair Shoes to ask about a waterproof spray for my Kenneth Cole boots I bought in November, as the salt was not being kind to my shoes. The two store clerks recognized me, as I am in the store quite frequently, and when asked which product would work best for my boots, they offered me a can for free! They even gave May one too! Random acts of generosity, any time of year, are very welcome.
  • Lastly, I took a few pictures at Ezio Farone Park, located near the north end of the High Level Bridge while waiting for a friend on Thursday. The Park is across the street from the building I work in, but I never take the time to enjoy it. Perhaps my pictures may encourage you to go out and appreciate what downtown Edmonton has to offer.
The High Level Bridge and LRT track

A trail at dusk

The Legislature in the background