Culinary Highlights: 2013 Edition

This has been my most delinquent blogging year – I haven’t yet written about most of my travels. I had the chance to visit my sister twice in Toronto, explore Ottawa for the very first time, and most recently, enjoy New York at Christmastime.

Amanda and I had fun stomping around Toronto with Mum!

A monster of a breakfast sandwich at Toronto’s Beast

I also had the wonderful opportunity to meet Michael Pollan while in Toronto

Ottawa reminded me so much of home. Mid-size, government town, it felt like many embraced their star local businesses in the same way we celebrate ours.

The most amazing black pepper spaghetti at Supply and Demand

While planning our New York City itinerary, I was initially regretting our decision to revisit the grand old town in the same season as our previous trip. But I think I forgot that there’s nothing like NYC at Christmas.

At the Union Square Farmers’ Market

I loved the laid back, neighbourhood vibe at Red Rooster

Show stopping roast chicken for two at Nomad

The best pizza from the coal-fired ovens of Grimaldi’s

Closer to home, we also had some great food experiences in Calgary, and of course, in Edmonton.

Whole sea bream at Mercato in Calgary

Izakaya Tomo
Worth getting in the car for: the chicken kara-age at Izakaya Tomo

Cafe Amore
The pasta pescatore from Café Amore, one of our new favourites in 2013

Elm Cafe
Austrian dumplings at Elm Cafe

Jacek Chocolate Couture & Baseline Wines Tasting
Wine and Jacek chocolate tasting at Baseline Wines

It was also a busy year for us on the event front. We were fortunate to collaborate with some fantastic people this year on a number of projects, and looking forward to 2014, we don’t doubt that we will be just as lucky.

Eat Alberta
Perogy making at Eat Alberta 2013

97 Street Night Market
Sunset at the 97 Street Night Market

A big crowd stayed to watch the movie 'Grease' projected on the side of the building.

Grease is the word at Blink: Parkade Party (photo by Alistair Henning)

Our season-ending What the Truck?! in Churchill Square (photo by Dave Feltham)

It was a special year for many of our friends, and Mack and I were thrilled that we could be a part of several wedding parties this year.

With May on her wedding day!

And perhaps the most memorable highlight for me this year, even if it had nothing to do with food – getting engaged to my sweetheart!

In Central Park

Here’s to a great 2014!

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