Thursdays Nights on the Edge: Classical Edge Finale

Earlier in the summer, I wrote about Thursday Nights on the Edge, an initiative of the Central McDougall and Queen Mary Park Revitalization Coordinator. In order to bring neighbours together, as well as to highlight the area, a different free activity was organized to take place every Thursday from mid-July to mid-August. These family-friendly events ranged from the geo-caching adventure that I attended, to historical tours, petting zoos and artistic explorations. Attendance varied (partially because all of the events were held rain or shine), but the organizers were anticipating their largest crowd ever for their finale on August 15, 2013.

I convinced my sisters to check out the event after having dinner at the nearby 124 Street Grand Market. When we arrived at McDougall Park, the event was already in full swing.

Thursdays on the Edge

McDougall Park, transformed

The idea behind Classical Edge was to create an elegant, almost gala-style event in a neighbourhood that is known for being anything but. I’d say the organizers succeeded – a stage was set up on the north end of the park, and for the duration of the evening, hosted a series of musicians, including a harpist and the Windrose Trio. Tables topped with linens and candlelit lanterns completed the upscale transformation.

Thursdays on the Edge

Our makeshift seats

Catering staff from Bridges wandered the grounds, passing around free bites of food, ranging from chicken canapés to mini hot dogs.

Thursdays on the Edge


I’ve never seen the park so full. Though I already knew Central McDougall is a diverse community, it was quite something to see on full display. Attendees definitely looked like they were enjoying themselves, from the young ones taking advantage of the playground and open spaces, to adults socializing outside on a beautiful night.

Though I haven’t yet heard if Thursday Nights on the Edge will return next year, I hope they do! They were a wonderful initiative that, with time, will help others see the possibilities in the communities that make up the North Edge.

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