Cycling Adventures in the Mill Creek Ravine

It only took us a year to follow through, but Mack and I finally took the time to rent bikes as a means of further exploring Edmonton’s river valley trails.

We still don’t know all that much about the bike rental scene in Edmonton, but knew that the River Valley Adventure Company would suit our needs that day, as it was situated in the perfect jumping off point for our adventures.

At $10 per hour, it was also a reasonable price to pay. The rental cost included a helmet, but we were a bit disappointed to learn that a bike lock wasn’t included. Hopefully this is something they re-evaluate, as I would imagine the lock would come in handy for those looking to make a pit stop along the way. It also wasn’t all that encouraging to hear that we were the first sale that day; it’s an unfortunate refrain that the river valley isn’t as well utilized as it could be, so it’s not a surprise that neither is the business.

Mill Creek

And we’re off!

While we’ve often walked riverside path of Louise McKinney to as far as Cloverdale, this was the first time we’ve travelled through the Mill Creek Ravine. It’s obvious, but though the MIll Creek Adventure Walk is a wonderful way to animate the area in the winter months, nothing compares to the fall beauty of the park that surrounded us that day.

Mill Creek


The air started out crisp, but warmed up that afternoon as we rode down the paths lined with golden leaves.

Mill Creek

Multi-use trail

We immediately noticed the lack of signage on the trail. Unless we deliberately went off course, we had no way of knowing where we were in relation to commuter streets. Eventually, we came across a sign that has seen better days, and realized we had made it all the way to King Edward Park. At that point, we were only a hop, skip and a jump away from Argyll – we had no idea the trails so readily connected these communities.

Mill Creek

Outdated map

Doubling back so we could stop at the Mill Creek Café for a snack, we took the scenic route back, across the pedestrian bridge across Connors Road.

Mill Creek

Skyline photo op!

It was a delight to explore one of Edmonton’s gems in the fall – I’d encourage you to do the same, if you’re able to before we transition into the next season!

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