Food Notes for June 17, 2013

I don’t know when it happened, but all of a sudden, we’re in the middle of summer! I hope you’re out enjoying it as much as I am (though on rainy days, for all you Mad Men fans, there’s nothing like a bit of Mad Style to perk up the week). On to this week’s food notes:

  • Company’s Coming is hosting another Scratch & Dent sale on June 22, from 9am-3pm at 2311 96 Street. It’s been a few years since I’ve been myself, but I would expect nothing less than great deals on classic cookbooks.
  • Liane posted about Savour Strathcona County, a tasting event taking place on July 7, 2013.
  • Great to hear the Alberta Hotel finally has a tenant for their restored bar! Even better, that tenant will be Larry Stewart of the Hardware Grill!
  • Food trucks are popping up left and right in Edmonton – the newest? The Crooked Fork, spotted at the French Quarter Farmers’ Market on Sunday.
  • Liv reviewed one of the newest food trucks in the city – Swich.
  • It looks like the first Red Shoe Crawl of the year was a smashing success! Check out Andrea and Robyn’s write-ups for a look at what you missed.
  • The biggest food-related news this week was the sale of Safeway Canada to Sobeys.
  • I saw this on Luisa’s blog and had to share it – how funny are these anti-theft lunch bags?
  • The Burg was originally heralded to open on June 17, 2013 (taking over the former 104 Street Grill space), but it looks like the date has been pushed back to June 19.

The Burg

The Burg

  • Mack and I finally had the chance to check out the LIvingBridge over 97 Street. It wasn’t as intuitive to get on top of the bridge as we thought (use the stairs located next to the Remand Centre), but the space really has been transformed.




Great view of Chinatown

  • Makescape was a neat Make Something Edmonton project that transformed Centennial Plaza (the sorely underutilized space behind Stanley Milner Library) into a deliberate gathering place last week. Loved the framed boxes of grass!



  • I attended TEDx Edmonton for the first time on Saturday. Todd Babiak’s presentation on “The Future of Sabbaticals” was my favourite of the day, and definitely made me think about the possibilities of a year away from work. It was disappointing to see a slate of speakers so devoid of women though (just one, while other women on stage were limited to artistic pursuits). Still, the day, as expected, was meticulously organized, and the spirit of inspiration could be felt in the room.

TEDx Edmonton

One of the day’s highlights – Amaluna’s balance goddess Lara Jacobs

  • June has been a month of milestones and celebrations for my family – I missed noting my Mum’s birthday a few weeks back. We had a casual dinner at Tres Carnales, where the tacos and the enchilada special were spot on!

Tres Carnales

Enchiladas from Tres Carnales

  • Last week, we celebrated Felicia’s convocation and my Dad’s birthday all on the same day. We had a low-key lunch at the nearby High Level Diner (great food, even better service). We probably could have asked for a graduation candle too, but a birthday cinnamon bun seemed more fitting.


Felicia’s favourite grilled chicken and cheddar sandwich

High Level Diner

Happy birthday, Dad!

6 thoughts on “Food Notes for June 17, 2013

  1. The name of the food truck reviewed by Liv is “Swich” (as in S[and]wich), not “Switch” (as in the device to turn things on/off). However, I am certain it is pronounced the same way! 🙂

    BTW, nobody has written anything about Indulgence last week? Weird?

  2. I enjoyed TEDx as well! It was very inspiring to see so much home-grown talent showcased. I surprised myself by counting the economy and healthcare talks among my favourite. The “balance goddess” was amazing…I’m still talking about her!

  3. Thanks for pointing out my error – fixed!
    I wasn’t in town for Indulgence, so didn’t really hear much about it. But you are right, I haven’t come across any posts about it.

  4. That’s the brilliant thing about something like TEDx – it’s the topics you wouldn’t have normally gravitated towards that grab you the most!

  5. HI, Sharon
    Hope to see you and Mack at Slow Food Edmonton’s first Market Mob on Wednesday! The first round up for The Canadian Food Experience Project is up an out this week and a great learning experience about regional and national food coast to coast, and this is only after round one!

  6. Hi Valerie,
    We couldn’t make it out to the mob – hope it was a success! And I did see the round-up, but only after I posted – I’ll link to it next week. Thanks!

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