Rosso Pizzeria: Wood-Fired Sustenance

As soon as the weather took a turn for the better in May, it felt like Mack and I were out exploring on foot almost every night. One of the stops at the end of a walk was Rosso Pizzeria, the rebranded 109 Street Da Capo storefront. With the installation of a wood-fired oven in the restaurant, the menu now highlights items prepared in the oven, including house-made bread, fire roasted vegetables, and of course, wood-fired pizza. To remind diners of the force in the kitchen, a floor-to-ceiling shelf piled high with wood greets those that walk through the front door.

Rosso Pizzeria

The new oven

For a Saturday, I really expected Rosso Pizzeria to be busier, but I wondered if many have yet to learn about their new menu, or the fact that they were now open after a brief closure for renovations. The vibe of the restaurant was still quite low-key, and that was reflected in the clientele – a family with school-aged children, groups of girlfriends and couples, and a familiar site at Da Capo, tables of serious cyclists.

Rosso Pizzeria


Rosso Pizzeria

Mack wines down

We decided to spring for two different pizzas (priced from $13-16) – one red and one white. The former was the night’s special, featuring prosciutto and asparagus, while the other, fungi misti, I knew I had to have after spying it on Liv’s blog.

I acknowledge that crust preference is very personal, and for me, I’ve always leaned towards a crispier crust. While I enjoy Famoso’s fold-over, pliable dough from time to time, my go-to choice is a crust that can hold its toppings. For that reason, I loved Rosso’s crackling base, browned slightly underneath. The sparse ingredients over top was perfect, not weighing down the pizza.

Rosso Pizzeria

Prosciutto and asparagus pizza

Though I enjoyed my first taste of asparagus this year, my favourite was the fungi misti. The combination of earthy mushrooms and fragrant truffle oil is hard to beat, while the light sprinkling of the fior de latte and tallegio made sure the mushrooms were the focus.

Rosso Pizzeria

Mushroom and truffle oil pizza

Service never waivered, and we felt well taken care of. Mack and I both wouldn’t hesitate to return – either for a quick lunch or a more leisurely supper. I hope the traffic at Rosso Pizzeria picks up soon!

On our way back home, we made sure to walk through the Legislature grounds to take advantage of a warm spring night. The blossoms were gorgeous, and the post-dinner walk was the best way to end the night.

High Level BridgeHigh Level Bridge

Legislture Grounds


Rosso Pizzeria
8738 109 Street
(780) 433-5382
Sunday-Thursday 10am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-12am

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