Food Notes for January 21, 2013

  • Jennifer attended the media preview for Sage’s January 24, 2013 Mushroom Festival – she sums it up perfectly: “Five courses in honour of a food that peaks in darkness and chill of winter.” What more can one ask for?
  • Liv enjoyed the Italian fare at Massimo’s – I’ll have to stop by myself after picking up groceries next door one day!
  • Vue Weekly favourably reviewed The Makk on 124.
  • Is the new Delux in Magrath too small for its own good? (I had no idea it took over a former Wok Box storefront.)
  • Andrea visited the Underground Tap and Grill recently, and found its pub fare worth returning for.
  • Marlow Moo had a disappointing experience at the rebranded Cafe Select.
  • Karlynn shows us how fun it is to cook with a professional chef – in this case, with ZINC’s Chef David Omar.
  • Did you read Liane’s piece on skinny chefs? No, it’s not an oxymoron – chefs can lead both active and indulgent lives!
  • Have you ever played phone stacking? I haven’t, but it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to put aside our technological devices for the span of a meal (not sure I will ever get Mack on board with the game, however…).
  • Vue reports on Edmonton’s (okay, technically, St. Albert’s) newest brewery, Hog’s Head. Interesting to note, they will be packaging their beer in cans as opposed to bottles.
  • Calgary’s CHARCUT is continuing their popular series of pop-up restaurant events on January 26, 2013, with Charpopluck. Wish I could be there!
  • Everyone’s been buzzing about Coca Cola’s new ad that sees the soda behemoth take some responsibility for the obesity epidemic in America – at least in the first half of the commercial.
  • Mack and I were lucky enough to be invited by Edmonton Economic Development Corporation to attend An Evening with Oprah, which took place tonight at Rexall Place. Though I did not watch her talk show religiously, I felt her presence in our house as my Mum was a fan. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the event, but Oprah delivered an inspiring talk laced with stories from her childhood and career. I particularly appreciated her thread on “surrendering” – sometimes we just have learn to be at peace with the situations we encounter. Mack wrote a much lengthier post on the night here.

Oprah in Edmonton


4 thoughts on “Food Notes for January 21, 2013

  1. We were at Oprah, too. I have believed so much of what she espoused. She is my mentor. I actually surprised myself as I cried when she came on stage. To be in the physical presence of such an amazing woman completely humbled me. SO glad the two of you got to go with EEDC. You deserved it!

    CharPOPluck is including some and maybe more Edmonton Chefs – Tre Carneles, Blebsack and more…. it would be work the drive down for if the ticket price wasn’t 135… so with hotel and transport, I will just have to enjoy such events locally.
    BUT, I am behind them 100% Excellent fund raiser for the food bank!

  2. Your link to the Coca-Cola ad takes me to the phone stacking article. Could you correct it? Thank you!!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed Oprah, Valerie! It was a great opportunity to see her in our own city for sure!
    Yeah, I was debating the costs too – the hotel definitely puts it over the top. Great to see Edmonton being represented by some wonderful chefs though!

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