Culinary Highlights: 2012 Edition

Though I didn’t necessarily travel far from Edmonton this year (remaining on the North American continent), many of my food memories from 2012 revolved around the trips I took. I was fortunate enough to visit Toronto twice, spent over a week in the Okanagan, and in the fall, explored the food and hipster mecca of Portland (which, of course, I have yet to blog about).


The mac and cheese at Bannock, one of my favourite spots in Toronto

Toronto Underground Market

Amanda at the Toronto Underground Market

Kelowna October 2012

It was absolutely beautiful by the lake at Quail’s Gate in Kelowna

Portland Farmers' Market

The farmers’ market at Portland State University was unreal

Feast Portland

The best salami I’ve ever had, courtesy of Olympic Provisions in Portland

Portland September 2012

The YouCanHasCheeseburger (two grilled cheese sandwiches in place of a regular bun) from Brunch Box in Portland was worth every calorie

I also had many memorable meals closer to home, including an incredible multi-course dinner at the Slow Food Canada gala in May, a Canada Day crab boil, a farm to table feast like we’ve never experienced, multiple meals at our favourite new restaurant, Three Boars, and innumerable bowls of beef noodle soup at Pho Tau Bay.

Slow Food Gala 2012

My favourite dish at the Slow Food gala: a celebration of grains and pulses with the most delectable pea puree

Crab Boil

The spread at an indulgent Canada Day crab boil

Range Road 135 Dinner

RGE RD 135 farm dinner at Nature’s Green Acres

Three Boars

They may be better known for their creative uses of lesser cuts of meat, but Three Boars’ simple dessert of lemon curd, blueberry compote and granola was one of the best desserts I ate this year

Pho Tau Bay

I’m pretty sure I consumed more pho than anything else in 2012

Mack and I were also very lucky to work with some amazing partners on several food events we helped organize, including two pop-up dinners, a food conference and more than ten What the Truck?! events.

Blink Edmonton: Pedway Pop-up

We had a blast organizing Blink: Pedway Pop-Up with the Century Hospitality Group, which took place in February in the pedway between Scotia and Commerce Place

The scene of the crime

Similarly, we loved working with Drift to pull off Pedway: Urban Picnic at Louise McKinney Park in August (photo by Hugh Lee)

Eat Alberta 2012

Eat Alberta 2.0 doubled in size, and took place inside the kitchens of NAIT

Pulled Pork Throwdown

After a series of successful Truck Stops in Old Strathcona, we hosted our first ever Throwdown Edition in August, featuring pulled pork

What the Truck?! at Churchill Square

We ended the What the Truck?! season with our biggest event ever, colonizing Churchill Square in September

Here’s to another year of good food!

City Market 2012

After ringing the opening bell at the City Market

9 thoughts on “Culinary Highlights: 2012 Edition

  1. We went to nearly all your events this year and had some amazing meals and made some great memories. Thanks for writing this blog and sharing your passion – so many people benefit from your hard work. I am exceptionally grateful for your existence!

  2. That’s very kind, Moira. Thank you for your support – without it, we wouldn’t be able to continue doing what we do!

  3. We’re working on it! We will be sending out save the date information soon – make sure you’re signed up on :).

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