What’s Your Colour: KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway!

Although I love my ever-present, practical rice cooker, it definitely doesn’t help beautify my kitchen. And let’s be honest, most countertop appliances are designed for functionality, not for aesthetics.

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer is one exception. A staple in most kitchens (especially in those that see a lot of baking), the stand mixer commands attention, in a pretty, statuesque way. And now, with twenty-six shades to choose from, it’s a way to add a pop of colour all while easing your prep work.

While browsing through the options is one way to find your favourite, KitchenAid has come up with a fun way to determine which Artisan Series Stand Mixer colour is you. Just answer six questions at www.KitchenAidColourology.ca and your shade will be revealed!

I did the quiz and was a bit surprised at the answer: crystal blue (I think I was hoping for empire red, which is the shade my Mum has). My profile reads: “Sometimes you just need that little extra sparkle to brighten your surroundings. Crystal Blue is the bling you wear with your favourite outfit for a night on the town. It’s that “something blue” that will make your kitchen glisten with style.”  Hm, maybe it’s telling me that I need a bit of a kitchen makeover!

Regardless, KitchenAid has kindly allowed me to give away a KitchenAid Stand Mixer on my blog. To enter, simply take the quiz and comment (with a valid e-mail) on which colour is chosen for you. Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm on October 9, 2012. I will contact the randomly chosen winner by e-mail by October 11, 2012. Only Canadian residents can enter.

Good luck!

185 thoughts on “What’s Your Colour: KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway!

  1. crystal blue too! we must love long walks on the beach. 8P thanks for the giveaway. i will think about my first use for it if i win.

  2. My color was buttercup yellow! Surprising…I much prefer the pistachio or the ice blue. I’m not sure how to leave my email on here so I’m hoping Twitter will do 🙂

  3. I got Blue Willow. Sometimes I bake at my friend’s just so I can use her mixer! She doesn’t seem to mind the fresh batch of cookies — it’s win-win.

  4. Persimmon

    This shade may feel retro, but it’s
    definitely not ironic. Both creative and energetic, Persimmon can work
    with any interior. It’s that needed pop of colour against a white
    splashboard, or the bow that ties together your natural wood cabinets.

    Hmmmmm… Somehow that does not seem to fit me… :-/

  5. My quiz result was Empire Red, but I would definitely prefer one of the greens or blues, probably Pistachio.

  6. My result was Onyx Black (surprising, I was sure I’d get bright green): Onyx black is a classic, like Casablanca, it’s considered timeless. Just like a black and white film, a feeling of romance encompasses you. Whether the supporting character is white, marble or a stainless steel countertop, you’ll leave whispering, “Here’s looking at you, kid.”
    What a great giveaway! I’ve always wanted a KitchenAid mixer and jealously coveted the ones my friends all seemed to have. Oh the things I would make….!

  7. I was crystal blue too – not at all what I would pick if I had the choice. Cute little quiz though. Awesome give away!

  8. Persimmon was chosen for me. I’ve never eaten a persimmon. I would eat a persimmon if I won.

  9. I also got Crystal Blue. Though, if I had the choice it definitely would not be this one haha.

  10. It gave me Metallic Chrome…which is probably what I would normally pick, except I love the Pistachio- it would make it such a pretty countertop addition rather than blending (haha) into the background.

  11. Pear

    There is something so fresh and pure about
    Pear, you’d want to eat it. Naturally gifted, it brightens up any space,
    making any white, marble or steel countertop a little tastier.

  12. I got Buttercup – kind and vibrant to make any kitchen cozy. I’m curious to know how I might become more of a boysenberry or persimmon though?!? Thanks for the fun distraction.

  13. This was great. Apparently my answers might call my manliness into question. Buttercup, with boysenberry and Pink as alternates. Bizarre.

  14. Pear and pistachio! LOVE those colours too 🙂 What a pop of colour these add to kitchens indeed!

  15. Caviar is, apparently, my colour. Personally, I’d rather the Crystal Blue simply because my kitchen is white and blue.

  16. Pear with Almond Cream as an alternative – although if I had my choice I’d choose Boysenberry or Ice Blue!

  17. Great contest Sharon
    Good for you for getting this kind. Of offer!
    I have been hoping they would ask me!
    I have no pride!!! Xo

  18. The quiz came up with silver metallic. I am a little shocked. I would have guessed persimmon. I would be happy with either. 🙂

  19. Pistachio Green! So amazing that I would get the result of my #1 choice in real life! Thanks for the fun contest, think of me when you pick a winner because I am definitely not able to afford one on my own! oooxxx

  20. Almond creme, though I love that the orange-tangerine came a close second as that is my very favourite colour. Fingers crossed and thanks, Sharon.

  21. Looks like my color is CAVIAR
    Checked it out and that’s pretty much a black color

  22. I’m Onyx Black, with Buttercup and Pistachio as my alternate suggestions. If I was going to buy my own, it would be Green Apple!

  23. Almond cream the first time, Empire Red the second time. I would personally choose Onyx Black.

  24. Boysenberry. “As the saying goes, “life begins outside your comfort zone,” and Boysenberry reminds us to live in colour!”

    Whelp, they’ve got me pegged. 😉

  25. Persimmmon was the colour chosen for me — love it! Would look great on my kitchen countertop!

  26. I’m surprised that it is White on White for me. But I am a simple person and this KitchenAid would simplify my life.

  27. I got metallic chrome! That’s actually the color I would choose if I were to buy one myself! 😀

  28. I somehow came out with Empire Red, but for most of the quiz it was giving me blue willow which I… like better. Alas.

  29. I got crystal blue too! Haha, personally I’d choose ice blue for myself but I guess it’s close enough 🙂

  30. I did it twice, got metallic chrome the first time through, and then empire red the second! I had no idea there were so many colours, some of the blues are gorgeous. I think any of them would look pretty nice in my kitchen!

  31. Huh….Buttercup yellow. Now that I look around my kitchen, I have lots of soft yellow tones.

  32. waaa – i wanted pink!
    i got cornflower blue, but hey who am i kidding – i’d take ANY color…..

  33. Buttercup yellow! But I have always swooned over pistachio. I would make any color work in my kitchen!

  34. I got empire red! And it’s one of my favourites out of the bunch, along with green apple and crystal blue 🙂

  35. I am raw, organic and natural…like a pear! I’m a pear colour kitchen aid mixer and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

  36. I ended up being Majestic Yellow – when I thought I would be Cornflower or Ice Blue. But – looking at yellow feels pretty invigorating – which is how I like to feel in the kitchen! Plus the associated recipe for sweet corn and chanterelle chowder sounds awesome. AND it seems to be Chef Lynn’s colour too…

    Really though – ANY colour of Kitchenaid would be good.

  37. I took the Color test and my color was:
    Crystal Blue !

    Although, I’m pretty sure my heart would tell me that the white or Almond is where it’s at 🙂
    I didn’t realize they had SO many colors!

    But Thank You for your Blog. My husband and I enjoy reading it and discovering new and tasty dishes and places throughout the city.

    Take Care (and in the mean time I’ll cross my fingers, buy a rabbits foot, find a four leaf clover and get a horse shoe 😉 ),

  38. Boysenberry!?! I didn’t even know they made it in that colour. I was hoping for the Crystal Blue one that you got. Anyway, here’s what it says for Boysenberry?!!??!!

    As the saying goes, “life begins outside your comfort zone,” and Boysenberry reminds us to live in colour! Young and trendy, this eccentric shade finds a well-deserved place in any modern or eclectic kitchen.

    I guess I’m trendier than I thought. Who knew?

  39. Idid the quiz and my colour was empire red! I actually prefer the blue one you got. I did the test again and I got pistachio. Which I love but it wouldn’t go in my kitchen. The red would though!

  40. Took the quiz. The Persimmon colour KitchenAid Stand Mixer suits me to a T – rocks my world (and hopefully my kitchen someday soon!)
    (It would be right at home with my stainless steel Kitchenaid dishwasher and microwave, and ‘glam’ up my work space.)

  41. My colour was Majestic Yellow. An interesting choice as my kitchen walls and linen are yellow. I love yellow kitchens!

  42. Hi!

    My Stand Mixer would be BOYSENBERRY….or was that BOISENBERRY?
    I think they got it right…something about thinking outside the box.

  43. I took the Colourology test for the Kitchenaid and it selected Boysenberry. I love the colour.

  44. Hmmm… “Caviar” (aka black) was chosen for me. How boring. I was hoping for red or purple or turquoise, or anything else really with more personality!

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