City Market Report: Week 14

Mack and I had great intentions to wake up early to have a leisurely stroll at the City Market yesterday before we had to drive to Viking for the Rge Rd 135  dinner at Nature’s Green Acres, but of course, that didn’t quite happen. We did end up getting almost everything we wanted, but at a pace a little more frantic than usual for a Saturday morning.

City Market

Loved the City Market’s new flag markers

We were happy to see Martin Kerr back busking, too, and picked up his second CD of acoustic songs. We can legitimately say that Martin played us into Viking!

City Market

Martin Kerr

It seemed busier at the market than we’d ever seen it. Stalls were bustling with activity, and many were already sold out of some seasonal items. The appetite for fresh vegetables was palpable this week!

City Market

Riverbend Gardens was clean out of corn

City Market

Cabbage from Riverbend Gardens

Celery from Sundog Organic

City Market

Garlic from Kuhlmann’s

Mack always gets the fun job of toting around everything I throw into our shopping basket, and yesterday, even I had to admit it was fuller than usual!

City Market

Not impressed with the load

See you next week!

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