Greek Eats on the Street: Little Village Food Truck

The food truck scene in Edmonton just keeps on growing – and really, the more the merrier at this point, where the demand for great street food still seems to outpace the supply. The latest addition is Little Village Food Truck, owned and operated by Theo Psalios.

Little Village Food Truck

Little Village Food Truck

You might recognize the Psalios name – the family opened the popular local chain of Koutouki restaurants, and starred in the first two seasons of the Food Network show The Family Restaurant. Now, the family has scaled back to just one Koutouki location on 124 Street, and Theo has branched out to bring Greek eats to a curb near you.

Little Village Food Truck

Theo Psalios

Little Village has been open for just a week, serving up lunch downtown at 105 Street just south of Jasper Avenue in front of the Atco Building. But we caught up with the truck last Thursday at the 124 Street Grand Market, where Little Village was feeding the dinner crowd alongside Drift and Nomad.

Little Village Food Truck

A fleet of food trucks!

Theo changes up the menu almost daily – make sure to keep abreast of his offerings on the Twitter account. On that night, he had two items available: a Greek lambwich ($8) and Little Village potatoes ($4.50).

The lambwich was everything it promised to be – a generous portion of delicately roasted lamb shoulder topped with feta and pickled cabbage. I especially loved the brioche bun – the sweetness complemented the meat well. The side of potatoes was also enjoyable, topped with tzatziki and scallions.

Little Village Food Truck

Greek lambwich

Little Village Food Truck

Little Village potatoes

Mack and I are hoping Little Village will be joining us for our 2012 What the Truck?! finale this September, but until then, make sure to keep up with their whereabouts on Twitter!

3 thoughts on “Greek Eats on the Street: Little Village Food Truck

  1. yeah! like you i think; the more the merrier!
    cant wait to try this fantastic looking food out
    thanks as always for the recap and the great pic’s
    su  🙂

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